Thursday, 23 June 2011

improve your faith

Kadang-kadang minda kitani bertanya kenapa Allah atu inda dapat kitani lihat. It's these kind of questions yang syaitan mudah bisik dalam hati kitani utuk buat kitani ragu-ragu.

Okay, here you are reading this blog post using your laptop. How much do you belive that there is a laptop in front of you? If I asked you, pecaya ko kah yang ada laptop dapan mata mu? You'd say, awulah! Because it's right here infront of my eyes. Correct. The fact that the laptop is in front of your eyes, requires you to inda payah convince yourself lagi that the laptop is in front of you. You need no further proof of its presence, simply because you are witnessing its presence.

Now, imagine there's no laptop, and someone tells you there is a laptop infront of you. What do you do? You check if there really a laptop. You seek around, just in case if there really is a laptop. Just in case you might've missed it. (Keyword to remember: seek).

Going back to the question of why we can't see Allah - If we can see Allah SWT, you would treat Allah like how you treat the presence of your laptop. You will not seek for proof of Allah's presence. You will not appreciate Allah's presence. You will not strengthen your belief of Allah's presence. Allah wants us to seek for that belief, not just seek, but deepen that belief. Because believing is far beyond just seeing. It's about seeking for that feeling of Allah's presence (kewujudan).

This belief of Allah is what we call aqidah.

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