Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Gaza Flotilla Attack: Does it affect you?


Jika kitani inda merasakan walau sedikit pun kesedihan terhadap apa yang telah berlaku a few days ago ani, something is wrong with our hearts! Kalau ianya inda affect kitani langsung, bermakna ada sesuatu yang inda kena dengan akidah kita. Soal Palestin ani soal aqidah wah ni! They are our brothers and they are our sisters, we are united by this faith that we CLAIM to hold.

Wake up my dear brother and sisters! Let go your headphones and stop humming to your favourite songs! Let go of your Astro remote controllers and leave that football match you have waken up for! Let go of that emblem on your heart that reads out 'IGNORANCE'! Lets make do'a for them the very least! Solat hajat for them, and for those who are sacrificing their lives to help them!

Imagine kitani bejalan di jalan raya, sekali kitani nampak ada kanak-kanak kana bunuh. Kitani tinggalkan and inda buat apa-apa kah? BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT WE'RE CURRENTLY DOING TO OUR PALESTINIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS!

Such heartless people we are... Astagfirallah, astaghfirallah, astaghfirallah... Ya Allah, please grant us your mercy. Kurniakanlah saudara kami di Palestina syafaat mu ya Rabb...

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