Monday, 24 May 2010

My thoughts on Hari Tenaga

I totally support the idea of conserving energy, big time. Why? Pasal Islam mengajar kita untuk tidak membazir. But I am against the idea of having a specific day to conserve energy. The question is, why just one day? Sure, it's a start lah barangkali. Does it really create awareness? Will people actually carry on after the day?

It's not just energy day. Same applies to mother's day, water awareness day, world forest day, breast cancer awareness day, et cetera. Why should we only be aware about saving water on just one specific day? Why be aware about trees on one specific day? Why sympathise breast cancer patients just for a day? So next day perhaps back to wasting water, back to wasting lots of papers, back to "i-don't-give-a-tiny-rat's-tush-about-breast-cancer-patients"?

If you think those one day awareness days are awesome, how about these suggestions below? What do you think of them??

1. Pray 5 Times A Day Day
2. Let's Practice Islam Day
3. Remember Allah Day
4. Lets Be Nice Day
5. Help An Anak Yatim Day
6. Iman & Taqwa Day

What do you think? They're all faulty suggestions kan? Tau pun. Because as muslims, andangnya we pray 5 times a day everyday (sepatutnya). Andangnya we practise islam everyday (sepatutnya). Andangnya we remember Allah always (sepatutnya). Andanganya we're always nice (sepatutnya). Andangya we're supposed to conserve energy everyday. Andangnya we're suppose to sympathise cancer patients everytime.

Having these one day awareness programmes won't solve any problem. Then what can? Simple.

Turn back to Islam, back to the Qur'an, back to the Sunnah.

It's the only way. It's the right way.

By the way, did you see the petrol stations the night before the day petrol was going to be charged with its unsubsidised price? Ramai ah! Panjang queue nya! That's when people know the price of fuel will be raised. So, a friend and I was wondering, will the same thing happen if entrance to mosques were to be charged the next day? Will cars be queuing like that into the mosques?


Anonymous said...

quite an interesting take you have here. i kinda agree with you with the fact that we as muslims should know better than to waste.

but when you mentioned about going back to Islam, it got me thinking to how we were taught to pray and fast. sikit2 dulu kan. maybe kna bawa smbhyg magrib saja dulu. then next weeknya maybe smbhyg jumat. makin lama kana bawa tia smua. puasa wise, masa damit inda jua tani start puasa and panuh tarus. ahaha.

what im trying to say is, we usually need guidance and initiators, and awareness days are just that. hopefully, people will maintain and improve, and make it a habit, just like praying and fasting.

so to say that these days are total waste.. maybe a bit far fetched? i don't know. hahah.

just a thought =) salam

Mohammad Khair Al-Hazirin said...

Wassalam Anonymous :)

Thank you for the comment. Praises to Allah for actually granting us this nikmat of being able to talk/discuss about Islam.

Hehe Im just thinking its not the sunnah way to do it. In this post, I am basing the message of being istiqamah (consistent); in line with a hadith that tells us that Allah favours those who are consistent in their deeds (even though little), as opposed to big periodic deeds.

"Sesungguhnya amalan yang paling disukai oleh Allah ialah amalan yang berkekalan sekalipun sedikit" HR Bukhari

Awareness days to me don't work. People go overboard/semangat during these awareness days and then esuknya macam nada apa-apa tia; which is the latter: "periodic big deeds".

I'm just thinking: would Rasulullah actually conduct a "Hari Tenaga"? He would've focused on the bigger picture, which is the aqidah of his ummah, which was what he did. Whatever he did are all meant for us to follow insya Allah.

But then that's just my 2 cents once again hehe... Yang baik (kalau ada) semua datang dari Allah. Yang salah datang dari kekurangan diri saya.

Wassalam :)