Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Islam blogging

The lack of update, I apologise for that. Part of the reason why, was that I guess I felt a wee bit pressured from the expectations from the readers of this blog, because I feel incapable of writing about something really good. But then again, I ask myself; what's my niat? I am not expecting people to actually like reading my writings but... to actually gain Allah's mercy being one reason, secondly, to deliver the message of Islam across.

Talking about Islam is easy and hard at the same time. I can just talk about Islam easily and not be bothered if you'll actually read my writings. On the other hand, the hard part is actually getting you to actually read the whole post. Let's face it, how many of you actually click the 'x' button the moment you know the post is going to be about Islam? (How many of you don't even visit this blog anymore since I started to talk about Islam? :p)

I think why people don't like to read Islam-genred blogs are because of these reasons:

1. They're simply not interested.
2. They don't like to be reminded of the sins they've comitted.
3. They probably think that the writer is not qualified to talk about Islam perhaps?

There are probably more reasons why, which you are welcome to add in the comments section. That's the challenge: to actually make people who are not interested to become interested. These are my primary target audiences. Secondary target audiences would be those yang andangnya suka baca blogs Islam.

Although I am not saying that I have succeeded in making this blog interesting or worthwhile to read, but otherwise, I think I've failed miserably (according to my blog stats :p). I can only try and make an effort, hidayah is not for me to give, but only ALLAH is capable of giving us hidayah.


Anonymous said...


well, we are keep on waiting. inshaAllah each person reading your blog rewards you a lot. YES. asalkan ada satu dua. and counting. that's what i keep telling myself. but i believe you have more than that.

"I can only try and make an effort, hidayah is not for me to give, but only ALLAH is capable of giving us hidayah."

keep going. keep going.

Anonymous said...

*we keep on waiting.

Gymah said...

Some ppl continue read because they can accept teguran and willing to change for the better.. some ppl don't read because they can't accept the ugly truth... Altho they know they are at wrongs, they are just not ready to accept it.

I would simply say... just continue with your nawaitu.. keep it true and stay with it, insyallah, you will be able to gain more readers, not for popularity sake, tapi more of helping others to understand the beauty of Islam.

Like my self, I read and seek to understand and if possible, try to share what I've read and learn.

Fitrah manusia itu mudah lupa and memang patut kita saling mengingati sesama sendiri.. I've read that somewhere or was it mentioned in your blog?

Anyway.. aja aja hwaeting!

Anonymous said...

I like to read your blog ever since you've changed. I prefer reading your deep thoughts rather than your previous posts and it shows how much you've grown as a person.

Well done.

Amals said...

aku pun suka baca blog mu. pasal ko 'basar' sudah! haha. tpi aku biased. i dont care. I need to be reminded constantly of my real purpose in life and how every other thing is just dugaan.

i think, org nda suka dgr pasal Islam because it reminds them of reality, death. and kdg2 its in their conscious mind but when you actually talk about it, something needs to be done. and they're prolly not ready to give up dunia the way they're rolling it now.


Anonymous said...

Good blog. Keep it up.

We always need to be 'disedarkan' to remember the true meaning of life. We know we are Muslims, but we tend to forget what we are expected of as Muslims. Ma sya allah.

Help us reach there, a little bit at a time. Alhamdulillah...