Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It's all about moderation

I am sure everyone agrees with me that to change to be someone better is a very hard thing to do. Like I once blogged about a few posts ago, a change will not happen in a flash, no it wouldn’t, but it’s more like a journey. Also in an older post, I have mentioned how I said I wanted to tone down my suka-beibun personality, to try to not laugh out loud as much, perhaps be a little more serious and… kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya.

Just recently, I have learned a lesson: there’s only so much you can do, but personality is terlampau deep sampai ke tulang wah kalau kan diubah. Harimau inda dapat dipajal jadi kucing, kucing inda dapat dipajal jadi harimau. No matter how much I try to limit myself, sometimes I just cannot control myself. Sometimes I can, other times I just can’t. I may appear reserved to some people, but appear loud to others. Mungkin kemarin aku diam-diam dapan mu, sekali esoknya inda tia. I get it, you’re confused, but hey, so am I. So. Am. I.

So I seek a that kind of support from you. If you see me pulling a serious face, or just smiling instead of laughing out loud to your jokes, or not giving you eye-contact (if you’re a lady) when I talk to you; and then be the total opposite the next time I see you; please have faith and bear with me.

“Jirin, you don’t seem like how you are on your blog and Facebook. You’re NORMAL in person.”

I get that a lot. That’s because on my blog and Facebook, I’m physically talking to no one; which makes it easier to talk about Islam. I can’t just talk about Islam with anyone, although I wish I could, but I can’t. I’m sure you would understand. I see you talking about some rock band on your blog, but I don’t see you talking about them with me. Why? Probably because you know I’m not into those kind of stuff. It’s totally the same situation with me.

Why do I want to talk about Islam? Islam is TOO beautiful. It’s just TOO beautiful wah TOO BEAUTIFUL! TOO BEAUTIFUL TO THE POWER OF INFINITY! I want everyone else to witness its beauty as well. In a beautiful house, if you stay alone, sunyi kan? No matter how amazing the house is, you will feel lonely. Why not invite your family and friends to experience kehebatan rumah atu kan. Kan? Inda ja? *Hears jaaaaaa~~*

I feel like I HAVE TO talk about Islam. I HAVE TO spread the love of Islam. It feels blasphemous if I don’t. For now, my blog and Facebook is my medium to do so, so please have faith and bear with me.

Coming back to the personality bit, while I try to tone done, cukup aribulan, ada jua keluar tu ulah ku. I guess it's not about changing, but it's all about moderation.


Dania805 said...

Salam Jirin,

in my view, kitani perlu remind frens abt our Islams based ani. true, liat urg jua~~ bt tani yg tau n sedar perlu ingat2kn durang jua..ndakah?

well, our situation sama..bkn smua urg bleh dibawa bckp ttg Islam tp most of our frens Muslim :S so, why ada difference atu ah...hmm..

kalau yg pandaith sja hayati Islam, thus yg kurang arif atu dibiarkan...takut drg makin lalai. Inject ia sikit sikit dlm perbualan harian kali sja... maybe.. (sdg berusaha jua..hehe)

:) renungan teguran bersama :)

Jirin said...

Waálaikumussalam warahmatullah Dania. Syukran wa jazakillahu khairan katheeran for spending your time untuk membaca celoteh-celotah yang tak seberapa ani hehehe...

True, very very true what you say. Yes, kalau boleh, it is best if we can talk about Islam with everyone, because after all Islam is for everyone.

“Berbicaralah kepada manusia menurut kadar kemampuan akal mereka masing-masing” (Hadith Riwayat Muslim)

Pasal, faktanya sebahagian orang akan menjauhkan kitani kalau kitani cakap pasal Islam (talking based on experience; some friends are awkward around me now), which is why kitani perlu careful.
Kitani inda mau orang menjauhi kitani, sementara ia belum terbuka kan mendengar/berbicara tentang Islam, biar ia terpegun dengan akhlak and our actions, actions speak louder than words. Kita khudwah hassanah, beri contoh yang baik (dalam masa yang sama, menjaga hati dari perasaan riak), i.e. tidak mengumpat, sentiasa merendahkan diri, mengutamakan sahabat, basically the characteristics of individu muslim. Insya Allah they'll see how beautifully Islam can change a person. At the same time cakap pasal Islam secara basic. Insya Allah eventually they will be interested to listen/talk about Islam.

To spread Islam ni bukan senang, memang susah. It's like an art. Tapi insya Allah dalam kesusahan atu ketani dapat rasa kemanisannya.

Hebatnya deen Allah!

Resti Lalu said...


"to spread Islam ni bukan senang, memang susah. It's like an art. Tapi insya Allah dalam kesusahan atu ketani dapat rasa kemanisannya"

reminds me to:

"Maka sesungguhnya, bersama kesukaran ada kemudahan. Sungguh, bersama kesukaran ada kemudahan"
Al-Insyirah 94:5-6

Isn't it beautiful, subhanallah... semoga Allah Al-'Alim memberikan kita kemudahan dan kesabaran dalam berdakwah ya, amin..

salam kenal from Indonesia ^^,

Huda A. said...

I feel that you dont have to change who you are altogether, just improve on whats already good, and leave yang memang bad atu. in terms of personality inda payah tukar apa2, 'adjust' saja.

kalau ada kawan2 tani yang macam inda comfortable with our adjustments, assure them you are the same person, but better. assurance atu through perilaku dan cara kami interact sama dorang lah. how can someone refuse better kan? :)

ukhti said...

as salamu alaikum akhi,

indeed, if we look at the sahabah, we find that each were unique in their own personalities. umar ibn al-khattab (ra), for example, was known for his anger. whereas, abu bakr ibn al-siddiq (ra) was known for his patience. however, they were all striving to emulate the prophet (saw) in every way possible. the same goes for us.

i pray that your affairs, and ours, are rectified in ways that pleases Him (swt), ameen.

p.s. i'm a fairly new reader to your blog, but i'll try and follow as i can, inshallah. we all need reminders every now and again.

Mohammad Khair Al-Hazirin said...

wassalam ukhti.

naám. insya Allah ana akan cuba benefitkan jahiliyyah ana untuk islamiyyah ana sebagaimana omar menggunkan jahiliyyahnya untuk dunia islamiyyahnya...

logam katakan.. cheyy..

jazaklillahu khairan katheeran...