Sunday, 23 August 2009

I am certain!

I just read the headlines regarding a whipping sentence to a female Malaysian model for drinking beer, and no, that's not the shocking part. The shocking part is this: Malaysian's Ex-PM, Dr. Mahathir, apparently thinks that the punishment is "too harsh". First of all, hukum hudud is hukum Allah. Berani jua ia cakap hukum Allah atu "melampau". How dare he? Mencabar Allah ni anak sorang ani!

This might be "new", but I think it's a good step to deter it's society from committing sins as such. Unfair on that lady? I disagree. It will only do her good, if not in dunia, definitely in akhirat inysa Allah. *Cakap M'sia ku sekajap* Dr. Mahathir, boleh tak awak bace Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 216? Ape yang awak rase tak baik tu mungkin baik, dan ape yang awek rase tak baik tu mungkin baik, kan Allah maha mengetahui?

Okay think of it this way. One woman drinks beer and gets whipped. Unfair? What if: one woman drinks beer then drives car then hits another car and kills innocent individual, or family for that matter? Fair? or unfair?

It's like he's saying that drinking beer is a minimal offence. Pikir nya sama macam membuang chewing gum di jalan raya kali! Pikir nya sama macam melapkan tayi idung arah escalator kali! Our world has become so secular that its destroying us without us realising it!

One more thing! There is NO SUCH THING as a moderate muslim individual, or a moderate muslim country for that matter. It's either 100% muslim, or not muslim at all. What is his agenda? I mean, really? If you ask me, I think his agenda is to even more secularise Islam, (macam tah he hasn't done enough) believe it or not, I AM CERTAIN.

Maybe I should just baik sangka. Mungkin ia inda paham saja kali. Allah Maha Mengetahui.


fz said...

Malaysia is a supposedly multi-cultural country, always attempting to maintain the balance between democracy and Islam as its official religion at the same time, which is never an easy task. With racial tensions currently brimming amongst the community, such a sentence is the last thing the Prime Minister needs right now, especially when he is under pressure with international organizations breathing down his back.

It is more of a political move than any, just a way to maintain order and ease any unwanted backlashes from so called human rights activists, giving them an excuse to start another riot in the streets.

The problem with this is it's being publicized so dramatically, with her wanting to have the whipping done in public when it should have been sentenced discreetly and the media feeds into it just because she's a so-called model.

The world's not black and white, and religion trying to get itself involved with politics is always a losing battle.

Jirin said...

"The world's not black and white, religion trying to get itself involved with politics is always a losing battle."

But then again, Islam is not a just a religion. Islam is a way of life, and it is not limited to just prayers and such, it covers every aspects of life; economy, health, politics, technology, education, human relationships, racial difference, etc... People often think that Islam and politics don't mesh well together, but reality is: politics is a part of Islam. Think of the era of the Ar-Rasyidin caliphate, until the abasiyyah caliphate, and refelct upon the state of the world at that time.

There was a point where Islam was the world order back then, Islam conquered 2/3 of the world. At that time, non-muslims respected muslims, they dressed like muslims; they referred to muslims for soultions to solve their problems. They lived according to the Islamic way of life, and they lived in harmony (but then that's just too good to be true in today's world).

Look at the world today, it's the other way around. We are wearing their clothes instead, all our problems are supposedly "solved" by their (faulty) solutions, and yet we're blinded by them.

The media attention is without a doubt unnecessary, I won't argue with that. But I'm just against the whole idea of rejecting Allah's teaching :)

Anonymous said...


hey jirin. its an interesting point this - of course we as muslims should stand up for and support syariah law, and in the ideal muslim society, muslims themselves would seek for syariah law to be imposed because we know that punishment in this world (that is in accordance with what Allah swt has decreed) is far far more merciful than punishment in the next.

on the other hand, however, islam is as you have said, syumul - its holistic and encompasses everything in life. is it fair - is it the best way, to impose an islamic punishment without having put into place any of the foundational islamic practices that would ensure a strong aqidah? for example, if you were to go into a non-muslim country and govern it according to syariah law - stoning, whipping etc without having first spreading the message of islam; explaining why some things are halal, haram, betul, salah etc...isnt that slightly unreasonable? bukankah kami mengajar akidah dulu sebelum menghukum? that is to say - there's no point enforcing a law against stealing, for example, if the state of the country is such that the people are so poor that they HAVE to steal to survive.

i don't know the particular case you're referring to; and i agree there's certainly a sense of alienness/newness to Islamic morality because of the secular nature of the world that we should consistently strive against. but i dont know if i agree with mortifying the flesh without any attention to the state of the soul. hukum hakam without aqidah is a state of imbalance, just as it would be the other way around.

Allahua'lam. Minta maaf kalau salah silap kata, and jazakallah..

Jirin said...

Waálaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

You have a point there, dear sister (macam bini-bini bunyinya from your comment atu huhuhu). Like what's the point of imposing syariah law among a society yang inda mempraktikkan islam secara keseluruhan kan? I guess the world is just not ready, it's probably not the time yet.

We are in an era where jahiliyyah berleluasa, where we should concentrate on aqidah more than syariah. Much like the first 13 years of Islam.

I'm just thinking why is he against it, he was saying something about being moderately islam, mercy for first timers bla bla bla bla bla bla...

It's my personal grudge on Dr. M more than anything barangkali. If you look at the things he had done during his reign, he has contributed a whole lot to the secularisation of Islam in Malaysia. I'm thinking Mustafa Kamal Atatürk, Islam's biggest traitor.

Then again, politics is something that my mind cannot read or pick-up. The things I have said are merely just raw thoughts.

A very interesting read this is >>

Jazakillahu khairan katheera ya anonymous.

Anonymous said...

"Like what's the point of imposing syariah law among a society yang inda mempraktikkan islam secara keseluruhan kan?" Exactly what i was trying to say! except i wasnt as clear.

jazakallah for the link.

Habibah said...
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Habibah said...

Salam. I link kita punya blog ah (:


Huda A. said...

Assalamualaikum Jirin, I came across some ayats while reading the Quran and remembered this blog entry of yours! I wrote something about it on my blog.

Jirin said...

Habibah, silakan. Link tia :)

Huda!! Wa'alaikumussalam! I just realised you've left me a comment here! Baru sadar! Thanks Huda.. I'll go to your post now and have a read :)

Anonymous said...

There are only 2 countries in the world practising Islamic Shariah law and that is Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

The other muslim countries are just stooges of the West ie America, UK and Europe, allowing them to dictate via media and International Law(ie Secular Law) what would benefit them.

We are not true muslims until we love our muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere in the world.

When they are attacked by US drones, we should not feel indifferent but we should feel pain, anger and sadness.
Yet we harbour US embassies in our countries and call them our friends.

How can we be two-faced and smile to the people who are killing drones to bomb innocent muslims and allowing Israel to attack Palestine?!?

Why are we apologising for being Muslims? We are honoured by Allah to be Muslims so protect our Muslim brothers and sisters.
Instead we only heed our whims and our national idealogy.

May Allah give us hidayah and change the weak state of our Ummah.

Mohammad Khair Al-Hazirin said...

Jazakallah for the comment. We have to be proud of islam. What we see today is people malu kan islam. takut kana panggil alim lah apa lah.

May Allah give us hidayah and change the weak state of our Ummah.