Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mow mow mow your lawn

Assalamuálaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

Here’s one situation I want you to reflect upon! Bear with me; this should be interesting to read. I’ll try to make it interesting insya Allah! I realise my previous posts might have been like YAWNSVILLE to most of you, but insya Allah, you won’t yawn while reading this post. Kalau kamu menguap jua masih, baik tah minum kopi! Kelurusan mengantuk tah kamu tu kali. Baik tah tidur dulu sepuluh minit!

Kan rumput rumah kitani sentiasa akan tumbuh dan mungkin menyemaki laman rumah kitani. Setiap bulan jua kitani akan mengupah tukang potong rumput untuk memotong rumput around our house kan?

So here’s the situation; two separate tukang potong rumput comes to your house. Seorang dari Wee Kat Lum Put Sdn Bhd; seorang lagi dari Mower Rangers Sdn Bhd. Si tukang rumput dari Wee Kat Lum Put Sdn Bhd just comes to your house and mows your lawn without your consent. Tarus-tarus wah ia sesuka hati potong rumput rumah mu tanpa izin. On the other hand, si tukang rumput dari Mower Rangers Sdn Bhd politely knocks on your door and asks for your consent dulu sebelum ia start potong rumput your lawn.

In this case, who would you pay? You would end up paying Mower Rangers Sdn Bhd kan? No matter how bisai jua keraja Wee Kat Lum Put Sdn Bhd, you will still be in favour of Mower Rangers Sdn Bhd kan?

Another analogy! Apa bezanya di antara...

1. Orang yang picik your jerawat tarus-tarus while you’re walking around at the mall.

2. Orang yang you personally request and give consent to touch your face and picik your jerawat.

Of course you will be in favour of person number 2 kan? Walaupun person number 1 atu pakai gloves, pakai anti-septic kah ia, ilang tarus jerawat oleh nya kah ia. You will still be in favour of person number 2 right? Because jerawat kitani sedang dipicik dengan keredaan kitani.

Okay hold that thought dulu! Bear with me! Question: kenapa Allah tidak menerima ibadah orang yang inda beriman? Kenapa Allah HANYA menerima ibadah orang yang beriman?

Maksudberibadah tapi inda beriman & bertaqwaani ialah seperti orang yang solat tetapi masih lagi melakukan maksiat, misalnya zina.

No matter how much orang atu beribadah, betasbih sejuta kali kah ia, sembahyang sunat beratus-ratus rakaat kah ia, Allah tidak akan menerima ibadahnya jika ia inda beriman & bertaqwa. Tapi kalau ketani beriman & bertaqwa kepada Allah, walaupun ibadah kitani sedikit, insya Allah akan Allah terima dan insya Allah pahala pun akan dilipat gandakanNya. Amin ya rabbal al-amin!

Tapi jangan pulang kitani give up kalau kitani rasa kitani ani balum lagi beriman. Awda mungkin akan berkata, Jangan tah ku sembahyang nah! Inda jua kana terima ibadat ku ani!”. Jangan cematu eh. Kitani mesti usaha and practice sampai ketani sampai ke tahap beribadah untuk beriman kepada Allah. Insya Allah dengan doa dan usaha, ibadah kita akan di terima Allah! AMIN!

Semoga kitani di antara golongan Mower Rangers Sdn Bhd atau pemicik jerawat yang terlebih dulu meminta izin kepada tuan empunya muka! Mwahahaha!


Huda A. said...

Great analogy Jirin! and I can just imagine you saying "jangan cematu eh", in typical Bruneian style heheh. But now that your readers know that ibadah mesti comes with iman and taqwa, maybe some readers might want to know jua on HOW to increase their iman and taqwa atu supata ibadah dorang diterima. Worth having a looksie i say?

Banarnya aku pun kan mau tau jua hehe, sama2 belajar antara Muslim. Thank you Jirin =D

Anonymous said...

As much as I agree with what you are saying Jirin, it is not 100% true cause only God knows and only he has the knowledge of which ibadah gets accepted or not.

Have you ever heard of the story about the prostitute who showed compassion to a thirsty dog by giving it some water in (I think it was her) shoe? She was supposed to have been accepted as those entitled to heaven.

There is another cerita about a murderer. He used to rob people and then either beat them up badly or kill them. The prophet (PBUH) cursed him and said he would never wash his body and forbade everyone else to so when the robber died, his daughter was looking for people to wash him and everyon refused and his body was thrown into a well.

God called upon the Prophet (PBUH) and told him to wash his body so that is what he did by himself. After he was buried, the Prophet (PBUH) asked Allah (SAW) why he should wash such a man and he asked him to find the robbers daughter. When the prophet asked the robbers daughter what the father did in his life, she answered 'he was a cruel man all his life but during one of his robberies, he found a piece of paper with Dzikir on it. He took it home and every month of Rejab, he secluded himself and he read this beautiful peace of Dzikir he found. For the whole 30 days the daughter only saw him when he had to use the bathroom, eat a little bit of food or take his ablution'.

After the month of Rejab was over, the robber said 'the month of Rejab is over! I care not for the other months as Rejab is the month of Allah and he is my creator. Now I will return to my own worldly pleasures'

Subhanallah and only God knows, he was considered as one yang beriman and was made a Saint.


I am not saying that people should be this way nor am I saying people should not devote their life to Allah SAW...all I am saying is that we cannot judge who is or are going to be classified as golongan yang beriman and that it is only for God to regardless what a person does, if they pray with utmost sincerity and humility, insyaallah and only God knows, but they may still also be classed as orang yang beriman...

So quite possibly Wee Kat Lum Put Sdn Bhd and Mower Rangers Sdn Bhd are in the same playing field :)


JIRIN said...

Wa'alaikumussalam wbt, anonymous.

Very well put anonymous. But in this case its not about judging other people (who are we to judge other people kan), but judging ourselves. It works as a drive to not sin if we think that way, no?

Because some of us are part-time muslims, and that is no such thing kan.

As hamba Allah yang daif, I think we're better off thinking our ibadat is never enough, supaya ketani inda 'selesa', and keep bettering ourselves.

Inspite of that, I do agree with what you have said. I should've included your point jua. Huhu ketara inda buat research aku ah. Hehehe.

Jzzk anonymous! =)

Salam Huda, thanks for leaving the comment. Insya Allah, I will try ;)

Saiful said...

Salaam Jirin, Anonymous, and everyone else who might be reading :)

“Maka celakalah orang yang solat, (yaitu) orang-orang yang lalai terhadap solatnya.” [Al-Ma’un(107): 3-4]

This ayat proves that Allah ONLY accepts ibadat which is solely in his cause.

Same applies to ibadat orang yang tidak beriman; tanpa iman dan taqwa, ibadat tidak akan khusyuk.

JIRIN said...

Wa'alaikumussalam WBT Saiful. Thanks for sharing. Yupe, so very true. Jzkk.

Anonymous said...

beramal tanpa ilmu?

berillmu tanpa amal?

cancel out above!

beramal lah dengan ilmu.

as that is how I take your explanation..correct me if i'm wrong.

jazakallah for the brilliant post!

analogy gives a bigger picture! =D

Jirin said...

beribadat dengan iman.

syukran right back at ya anonymous, thanks for reading!

Ka Ness said...

Salaam adik Jirin, welcome back ;)

Moaarr! Moaarr!

Jirin said...

Waálaikumussalam Kak Ness :) Jazakillahu khairan katheeran.