Friday, 30 January 2009

Begaru is burger paling nyaman

So I bought one of those 'healthy' burgers after work to eat for dinner at home. Sekali, guess what, it was 9PM when I remembered that I bought something to eat for dinner. I can not believe, I repeat, I CAN NOT BELIEVE, I've forgotten about the burger. For four hours, it was left uneaten. FOUR WHOLE HOURS, can you believe that? I am shocked to the core.

So there I was, in my room, dapan laptop, thinking: "Eh, aku lapar. Homaigat! Aku ada bali burger tadi!" Tarus ku rush out of my room, and looked for my abandoned healthy burger. It probably cried all its fat out, kesian, poor thing.

By the time I found it, it was already cold and pale. Kalau nya orang tua, ilang seri nya. Masa ku jumpa burger atu, it was like a scene in a movie where two lovers baru bejumpa after a long time. Emotional. I had to eat it straight away, I didn't want to dissapoint, I couldn't. Tarus ku rush to the kitchen to heat it pakai microwave.

Okay this is the part, which is quite embarassing to tell.

So aku masuk dapur, put the burger on a microwave-safe plate, and without realising, instead of masukkan dalam microwave, ku simpan dalam esbok. Ku tutup esbok, menunggu tia ku dakat esbok ah, menunggu burger atu panas. I even had time to sing half a song until I realised, eh? SALAHHHHHHH MASUKKAN!

(To my defense, the microwave is right next to the fridge kali ah...)

After sadar, bukan tepulang makin panas, makin sajuk tepulang burger ku ani. So, tarus ku masukkan ke dalam microwave, set 2 minutes to heat.

I leaned on the kitchen counter to wait for the burger to heat up, and sambung lagu tadi. Lagu Aerosmith, lagu jiwang tia lagi. *I could stay awake... just to see you heaaaatinggg~~ watch you smile while you are heating~~*

Okay, atu lame. Lameburger tah banar.

Anyways, Alhamdulillah, I am now no longer hungry. Speaking of which, so much for the name of that 'healthy' burger. It had an excessive amount of mayo. Mayo isn't healthy. I think what they're really going for is that, the burger itself yang healthy, but not that healthy to eat. Because if it is in fact healthy to eat, then it should be called 'Healthy-To-Eat Burger'.

Macam Diet Coke. Actually, the Coke itself yang dieting. Trust me, if you consume diet coke, you are so not dieting. They're clever that way, very clever how those Coke people can fool you by thinking Diet Coke is healthy for you to consume. It should be called Dieting Coke instead. Cuba liat botol nya, sexy kali ah, ada shape.

This post is all over the place. I'm going to stop. Assalamu'alaikum.

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