Saturday, 4 April 2009

Useless TV

I hate it when they display TV sets in waiting areas without the volume on. Like, it just beats the purpose of the TV being put there. Kirakan, the main purpose of the TV being put in the waiting lounge is for people to not get cranky while waiting kan? So that we don't get all bored. But, if the volume is muted, inda tia pedah-pedah. Nahe. La.

Like the other day, I was waiting for my parents to keluar from the arrival hall. So I waited lah arah kerusi atu. They displayed a few TV sets and American Idol was showing. Tapi nada volume. It's American Idol! Mesti jua ku mendangar suaranya tu? See, if you show American Idol without the sound, it's no longer American Idol, Babau Idol barangkali!

Same thing happened today, I was at the post office. I had to send some documents overseas. I took my number and patiently waited for my number to be called. Yes, again, there was a TV. Tapi no sound jua. A ceramah was showing. Tapi antah, once again, ceramah babau kali!

I know you must be thinking: "Eh ani pun si Jirin kan mentalkan kah?" Inda pulang, tapi annoying wah, and I shit you not, I get annoyed really really easily. Like the other day, aku ani kan barus gigi wah (I know sudah pulang ku ceritakan ni arah Facebook), sekali ubat gigi ku ani macam tinggal sikit. Berabis-rabisan ku picik sampai keluar jua Colgate atu kirakan cukup-cukup untuk sekali barus gigi lah. Sekali apa nah, tegugur tia wah the toothpaste ah out of my toothbrush. Frust gila ku, I shit you not. Apa lagi, tarus ku talangkan wah barus gigi ah. Mental ku yo!

Awu, sekadar pulang ni, like hal-hal damit pun kan ku mentalkan. It's the build-up, trust me. Kes melapaskan garam wah tu banarnya. These are the only things I allow myself to be mental about, when in fact, in my mind, I'm actually mental about things that I can't publicly rant about. You understand? Anda faham? Entiende?

Okay aku mengantuk sudah. Salam!

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