Sunday, 15 February 2009

On lookalikes

So MANY people have been telling me that they have seen someone who looks like me. One of my students told me she has a friend who looks like me. My uncle saw someone at the mall who looked like me, he even called him out because he thought it was me. My cousins who go to Sharif Ali Secondary School told me there's a teacher there who looks like me. An Indonesian receptionist at Empire once told me his brother in Indonesia looks like me. Just the other day someone asked me if I was some Awangku Saiful's brother because apparently that Awangku Saiful looks like me. I don't even know an Awangku Saiful.

(Common sangat kali muka ku ani. Haha! Oh well, at least I have a unique name. I mean, I think there's only one Jirin in every 1 trillion people barangkali. What's the world population anyway?)

Maybe I was part of an octuplet and my parents gave out the other seven? Banyak possibilities nya ni. Atau antu kali wah yang durang liat macam aku atu. Antah ah, Tuhan ganya yang tau.

Speaking of lookalikes, there is someone in Indonesia who resembles the U.S. President, Barrack Obama. Observe the picture below.

I remember my uncle used to have an Indonesian maid who looked like a certiain Malaysian lame-ass comedian. Maybe, just maybe, everyone in this world has at least one of their lookalikes in Indonesia. I know I have one according to that Indonesian receptionist at Empire. Each country has their own unique slogans kan? Brunei: Abode of Peace, Malaysia: Truly Asia. Indonesia: City of Lookalikes. I can already hear the jingle in my head!

So if you got dumped by your boyfriend/girlfriend, don't worry. Know that you'll always have a spare one in Indonesia. No wonder their tourism industry is always booming. Not only do they have Bali, they have our lookalikes.

If you meet a Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox or Miss Japan-Universe 2006 lookalike, by all means, please deliver to my door step as soon as possible, thank you. I'll be ready with my white cara melayu, I promise.

Dear God, I hope all of those Jirin lookalikes are also fat, or fatter than me. Haha. Karang lari bini ku for the much skinnier one. I wonder if lookalikes share the same or maybe similar personalities? Perhaps not, because I have a friend who looks like Michael Jackson but isn't a pedophile. (At least, I don't think he's a pedophile, I hope he's not a pedophile!)

(I hate it when people ask me if I have plans for valentines. For one thing, I don't celebrate valentine's. Secondly, I am single wah baie eh. Inda payah tanya wah! Haha, mental~)


Be'ah said...


jirin, kumpul duit and come see us for graduation! :)

Jirin said...

hi rabz!!!!!

hahahha i wish dapat.. mana ku dapat cuti lai! =p

Anonymous said...

haha. same goes to me =)

Lala said...

My dad's name is also Jirin. XD

Jirin said...

Oh is he? Are you Mila's sister? Xp hehehehe