Friday, 6 February 2009

Nice tie kah nice Thai?

Up till today, I have just realised that I have this one colleague of mine who always and I emphasis on ALWAYS, compliments my neck tie. This guy compliments my neck tie everyday, I tell you, every single day. Well, probably not everyday, but almost everyday, banar. So this guy is like complimenting my neck tie everyday kan, I'm starting to think that banarnya he does not truly like my neck ties. I think he just doesn't know what to say to me whenever we pass by each other. So, it's like, shit, it's Khairul. Uhhhh, nice neck tie, Khairul.

I swear, tomorrow I am going to wear neck tie yang lama and bubus and kamah and bida. Kalau ia cakap nice neck tie lagi sekali wah... antah, inda pulang ku buat apa-apa kali, but saja, just to see if banar kah inda ia suka neck ties ku.

If nada kan dicakapkannya pun cubatah tukar script. He can compliment my tie today, compliment my shirt tomorrow. Say nice nose kah, nice pants kah, nice shoes kah, nice teeth kah, apakah, whatever. Ani nice tie tiap-tiap hari. Seriously, I can almost lip-synch to his words setiap pagi, "Nice neck tie, Khairul!"

Maybe, jusy MAYBE, he's telling me there's a NICE THAI just around the corner, and selama ani aku saja yang perasan ia cakap TIE ku lawa. Possible jua ah. Padantah tiap-tiap ia cakap, pasal aku inda pandai paham-paham and look at this nice Thai he's been talking about.

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