Saturday, 28 February 2009

Kasut schmasut

Kamu tau apa. Aku baru sadar aku batah sudah inda mental dalam blog ku ani. I think work has made me a calmer person. Err tia karang. That's a lie right there. Work hasn't made me a calmer person, it has made me angrier person. I come home with an angry face. I come home kicking my door open. I come home screaming at mosquitoes and lizards. I come home tearing old shirts for no apparent reason. I come home punching the switch button of my lamp on.

I'm not serious, of course. In spite of work, I am actually very okay. Honestly, as of late, work has been fun. Here goes a rant.

I find shoe shops annoying. Bruneian shoe shops for that matter. Do believe me, none, and I say NONE, of the shops here in Brunei sell smart shoes above the size of 10. My current work shoes is very membari rawan hati kalau kamu liat. Ngingis sana sini, seeing it makes me cry.

I found a pair of shoes the other day which was a size 11. It was okay. It was a bit tight pulang. But kan I gotta make do with what I've got. The brand name of my shoes go by an unfortunate name of 'Simeilu'. I was so happy that I finally found shoes that can finally fit my feet, despite its unflattering name.


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