Wednesday, 15 October 2008


How's everybody doing? I'm still in London at the moment. It's hard to get internet here where I stay that's why I've been MIA a little bit. I should be arriving in Brunei next week. Can't wait!

I've stocked myself up with medicines to reduce my hayfever allergies which I always suffer upon my arrival in Brunei. That's the part I'm not so looking forward to. It always happens, and it will keep me damam for weeks. 24 hours of sneezing, watery eyes, bla bla bla.

Speaking of sneezing, I know I sneeze very loudly. But I don't understand how it can be funny. Whenever I sneeze in public, people always laugh at me. I feel like banging there heads against the wall sometimes, but baik jua aku sabar. I can't control my sneeze. I don't like to suppress my sneeze. A lot of people do that though. They sneeze 'inside'. Ijap ku meliat, takut ku telakap bah biji mata durang. Whenever I see them do that, rasa kan ku teriaki wah kadang-kadang. Inda payah tah kan control ayu wah, just sneeze, woman! Well, sebenarnya inda pulang ku sasak. Aku jeles saja aku inda pandai control. But I honestly think sneezing is one of the joys of life.

Apa khabar Brunei ah? Rindu ku. When I left, the hot story was that story which concerns Giant and a family whose son was 'kidnapped' by some supernatural being. I don't mean to be skeptical but is this true? Tau-tau rupanya Si Hua Ho yang buat cerita supaya Giant inda laku. It's possible, isn't it?

I can't believe I've missed another year of going to people's open houses! When I come back next week there will still be open houses pulang ni, which is cool. Bring it on. Weight gain, here I come! I bet at least half of us Bruneians has gained back the weight we've lost during Ramadhan sudah ni. Sebulan punya keraja, seminggu saja hari raya sudah tia belampuhan bilang orang. Baik jua setahun sekali ganya. Mun tiap-tiap bulan wah, abis runtuh ni Brunei ah. Luan barat rakyatnya. Nauzubillah!

It's already late, I'm half asleep and I'm talking crap. Antah, mengingau kali aku ani. I'm going to hit the sack now.



zhoe wynz said...

hehe funny.. awo cHUa Ho punya kraja.. conspiracy hehehe awo banar mun stahun... abis abis...

Jirin said...

hahahahaha banar kaannn!