Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Pst pst.

I haven't been updating this blog, melawat-lawat to check the tagboard pun ku inda. You have no idea how busy I have been. I barely have free time. I do have free time, but then those are the only times for me to rest. Brunei equals commitments, oh so many commitments. If you know me very well, then you would probably already know that I'm a pushover. I am the kind of person if kana suruh apa-apa pun, aku tau angguk saja.

I probably have time to spare at times, but I just can't put myself to write a decent blog post. I think I lost my mojo, you guys. I'm not Jirin the blogger anymore. I have a knack of sharing my life experiences here on my blog. Although I tend to keep the more personal stories to myself, I sometimes write about the things that make me go mental, or things that annoy me. Other times, the feminine side of me unleashes and that's when I complain about my weight.

My BSUnion colleagues and I have been helping out the Scholarship Unit at MOE for the past few weeks. So aku malar lah keluar masuk MOE atu. At one point, the clerks at the unit were like - "kau lagi wang!" or - "mua mu ganya ku liat tiap-tiap hari!". I bet sekali saja lagi ku kesana, betangisan kali durang sorang-sorang meliat muka ku ani.

One day I was on my way to exit the building kan when suddenly I heard someone do the 'pst pst' sound behind me. When you hear that sound, you automatically turn and look siapa memanggil kan? So I turned, ku liat inda jua ada orang. Sekali, 'pst pst' lagi sekali. Ku pusing, inda jua ada orang. Siapa kan mengurat aku ani ah? - I thought. Haha perasan =p. That went on until 3-4 times when I realised banarnya mana orang panggil aku, and that 'pst pst' sound was actually...

...the cleaner spraying the glass window.

I get annoyed when people ask if whatever I write here really happens to me. I sometimes get accused of making up stories. Especially that Harshi story, some people actually asked me how an earth could I have possibly came up with that. Truth is, I didn't. It truly happened!

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