Friday, 25 July 2008

Chin up and be happy

Sometimes when I have nothing else to do, I read my old blog posts. It's nothing about being narcissistic or something like that, but I get really conscious of the pethatic things I might have said, so kalau ada yang macam inda bisai and annoying ku baca, I'd scream to myself 'WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?' but I won't delete it at the same time, because deleting a post would go against the blogging etiquette, wouldn't it?

In this blog, I might have complained how I don't have a girlfriend, or how un-laku I am, et cetera. Fact is, I don't really care. I'm in a place in my life where I'm quite comfortable the way I am. If it happens, it happens. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. I am not the type to find a lady to date, I am looking for someone to bewife. I do not want to place myself in the dating arena. That may freak out the future girlfriend/wife of mine, whoever she may be. But if it does freak her out, then she's probably not the right person for me. Although I am not saying that I want to get married right now, no. I am also not saying that I would want to marry tarus the moment I meet the perfect lady. It's complicated, I know. It's hard to juggle religion with these kind of things.

I just realised how annoying it is to read people's rant about being single. I used to do it, I probably still do, so tell me if it annoys you. I don't know if I've grown out of it, but honestly, being single ok jua wah. I know this probably sounds like the single-guy's-menyamankan-hati mechanism, but honestly, it isn't. I admit, there was a stage in my life where I was in that 'YA ALLAH KURNIAKAN LAH AKU GIRLFRIEND SECEPAT MUNGKIN' phase, but that was in the past, I think so, at least.

Is this growth? Is this how it feels like thinking maturely? Have I reached it? Am I there? Hahaha.

Although please do not get offended if I have said things that might have offended you. What I'm trying to say is that being single should not be something one can be upset about. There are other importants things that we SHOULD worry about. Being upset about being single is like being upset after your nephew or niece has ripped off your favourite book, or being upset because your amah has ironed your shirt sampai bubus. These things should not necessarily upset you. Because you know it's just temporary. We need to focus on things which aren't so temporary. So, chin up and be happy.

(Haha, me? Giving advice? That's a first!)


Caroline said...

Hi Jirin. No, being single is not something you should cry, dwell, be upset or miserable about. In fact, it should be something to ENJOY!!

Honestly speaking, you're still young so live every moment and enjoy it. It's a time of freedom, to do what you want before settling down which brings a gazillion commitments and tie downs :)

Eventually it will be time to settle down, but that moment will come at its own time and when you least expect it your MRS RIGHT will turn up at your doorstep hehe..

Don't you hear the mumble, grumble, millions of complaints from people who are in a rship? Be glad you're not one of them *hehe*

Anyways, ENJOY saja while you can..

Jirin said...

Caroline, thanks for leaving the comment.

Heheh, yeah exactly my point. Your comment would complete my post actually. i think you must've misread my post, because I'm not complaining hehehe but no, what you said totally makes sense, and i agree with you.

thanks once again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jirin, when you talk abt being single apa it isn't annoying.. just to let u know ;) Plus, u are able to turn the stories into something funny and enjoyable to read instead hehe

Jirin said...

It isn't? My friend told me to quit complaining hahahaha. thanks for reading :D

Anonymous said...

hey. being single is ok what. hehehe. i myself have the same view like you- when i find someone i want him to be my future hubby. its not that i want to get married straightway, it's just that i dont want to get through dating process yg batah, you know - getting to know a person/being comfortable/ then breakup/ then the whole cycle all over again. When i find someone, i want it to be the one.

some people call it bullshit though. but i dont care.

Jirin said...

hello anonymous. it's nice to know that there are people who think like that as well.

it's not bullshit, durang yang bullshit. heheh

Anonymous said...

Jirin, being single can makes you see more of the world, since you are still young, go and venture around the world...I wish I can tour asia before I do tie the to join me? hehehe ; )


Jirin said...

Hi jessica. I wish I have the money to! hehehe I'd love to tho. Shud be reallllllllllllllllllllllllly exciting!

ur#1fan said...

hey jirin, happy 21st birthday!! hehe i saw you a couple of times again after you got back and still too malu to tagur. keep updating yeah! take care.