Wednesday, 25 June 2008


It has been a long time since I updated my blog. I am still sick I think, well it's not as bad, I'd like to think that I'm recovering but then yesterday my left foot started to ache like crazy. And for no apparent reason. So I'm currently limping when I walk. But stay positive wah ah? Baik ni esok. Esok inda lagi selesma, inda lagi sakit kaki, Amin.

I haven't been updating because I have been really busy. Plus, I haven't got much to tell jua bah. I mean if I update everyday sasak jua kamu tu because I would end up telling you paning I am, how selesma kan mati I am inda mau beranti selesmanya, bla bla bla; things like that. Also, I don't have a crazy neighbour anymore whom I can bitch about.

I hate how SOME things are expensive here. I don't exactly remember what, but whipped cream is 7 freaking dollars. How crazy is that? I understand that it is imported from god knows where, but how hard is it to produce whipped cream locally? Well maybe we don't have lots of cow farms but we own tonnes in Australia, don't we? I don't know actually. One of these day I may just open up a whipped cream factory and call it Syarikat Whipped Cream Awang Jirin dan anak-anak serta menantu serta cucu-cicit serta rakan-rakan serta amah serta... sambung tia oleh kamu. I swear, liat saja esok lusa.

Things are either expensive or aku karit. You tell me. I'll try to update lagi soon. Keyword: TRY. Hahah! Assalamualaikum.


ur#1fan said...

haha I saw you again on Sunday. Coincidence saja tu, I wasn't stalking. Honest! hehehe was that what you were looking for? Whipped cream? Bah do tell us when you open up a whipped cream factory. haha aku rajin membali tu, baking saja kerajaku tu. lol get well soon! and awu, I'll try my best to stay anonymous. haha

bernard n. shull said...

hi mate, this is the canadin pharmacy you asked me about: the link

Jirin said...

ur#1fan!! sorry it took my this long to reply!! baru ku tebaca.. beeeen really busy. oh u saw me again???? see you have to tagur bah tu ertinyaaaaa hehehehe..