Tuesday, 3 June 2008

It's a sticker, love.

Last week, I went to the post office to buy some stamps. Right after I purchased them, I went to an empty counter to stick the stamp onto my envelope. There I was looking all stupid at the counter, licking the back of the stamp to make it stick to the envelope. It wouldn't stick. Sekali an old woman came up to me and told me that the stamp need not be licked; "It has a seal which can be peeled off, it's a sticker, love." Sticker rupanya! I thanked her for telling me that. If she didn't, God knows sampai bila tah kan ku tepikir that it was a sticker.

Tapi malu ku sedikit, because when I turned, I saw a couple of bini-bini lanjut usia mengetawakan aku. In my defense, the last time I had to use stamps - saliva was still the popular choice of adhesive for stamps.

Anyway, I have been busy packing my stuff. I never realised I had so much junk. In my first year, I bought this massive Michelin-like jacket. So tadi when I was packing, I couldn't help wonder to myself: what the hell was I thinking when I bought this hideous, massive, Michelin-like jacket? I mean sudahtah I appear Michelin-physiqued, why emphasise lagi with the jacket? First year tah banar ah aku atu. Sakai!

Sudah ku ali-ali kan baju yang inda lagi ku pakai, banyak rupanya. It amounted to two big plastic bags worth of clothes that I don't even wear. I'm going to give it away to charity tomorrow.

My room looks really lapang. I've taken down my kek batik-looking curtain. I've positioned my bed and study table at its respective original position. I've emptied my wardrobe which once collapsed. Tunggu hari bulan kan balik saja tinggal.

I am going home soon. I have learned a lot in the span of two years while I'm here. Back in the day, in terms of doing chores, I was an irresponsible child who depended on maids a lot. Sampai maggi pun minta buatkan arah amah. I guess I believe in how karma works, it's not karma exactly, it's kuasa Tuhan. If before I was dependent on maids, now I know how a maid would feel. I hope I will still sustain this kind of mind set and attitude once I'm in Brunei.

Oh, do not get me started on maids. I am sure everyone has their fair share of funny amah stories! I guess I'll post my share of funny amah stories next time. I'm feeling knackered at the moment.


ur#1fan said...

lol same thing happened to me the other day. Sampai the counter lady keluar mengaga aku. Haha bah keep on updating jirin!

War186 said...

Hahaha sticker. Sorry just had to laugh out loud. ;P

Jirin said...

hi ur#1fan..
hahaha it was an honest mistake kan! hehehe insyaAllah.. inda saya janji update, will try insyaAllah

hi warrrr!!!
ditawakan nya akuuuuuuu~~~ inda apa~~ hahahahaha

ur#1fan said...

lol i left a comment on ur inda khusyuk post as well. it happened again tadi as i was praying isya. haha mesti update selalu bah so i dont have that thoughts, told u i'm ur no.1 fan. :p lol kidding, no pressure there.

Tee said...

bila balik jir? balik for good kah? and i just read your nda khusyuk story and its scary how similar our thoughts are when nda khusyuk! ada 80% sama tu

Jirin said...

hi ur#1f
hahah yeah i just read and responded to your comment. hahah inda pressure eh ;p

ka siteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
soooon saya balik. next week saya balik. hahahah awu creative wah setan ani!!

Lady28 said...

imagine, the stikcer yg u licked atu penah kana licked leh urg lain jua..hahahaha =p