Wednesday, 11 June 2008

I am home!

I think it is mandatory for me to make an 'I-am-finally-home' post. So yes, I am finally home, after around 9 months being away. I arrived at around 11.30am this morning and the moment I stepped out of the airplane, I could smell the humidity of Brunei's air. It feels good to be home.

My flight was not too bad, but it wasn't great either. I mean, siapa jua kesiukan 16 jam memaloi dalam kapal kan? The plan was to sleep the whole 16 hours, but I couldn't. I did manage to sleep though only for a few hours. The Heathrow-Dubai flight was not full so I had three seats to myself. The Dubai-Brunei flight was full berabis, so I had to sit with my uncle's maid. I was a little dissapointed masa my Dubai-Brunei flight because a male flight attendant covered my area; boring. I swear I wanted to move to the section covered by the attractive stewardess.

Considering how uncomfortable long haul flights are, I guess malas tah orang kan ingau how they look when they're sleeping, asal saja tidur, nyaman tah hati sudah tu. Ada yang tidur langap-langap, rasa kan ku tutup mulutnya. Ada yang bangkang-bangkang, layah-layah. Semua ada. Ada yang bising bekuruh; kan ku sumbat kan stukin saja inda. Ada jua yang pandai melipat badan sampai muat ia bekumpal in the small space. Cemana kan tu? I tried to but I failed. Sakit saja badan ku; eh di Brunei tah nanti saja ku tidur eh.

Mana tah jua ku inda dapat tidur. Satu: uncomfortable ah. Dua: ada tia jua kanak-kanak ikut belayar. Kanak-kanak nya ani inda lagi alang-alang. Sekali nya menangis, macam kanak-kanak kana rasuk jin bunyi nya. My personal entertainment unit inda baik so I didn't watch any movies. So I killed time by playing Sudoku. Aku beli buku puzzle Sudoku at the Heathrow terminal earlier on. I might have looked like a geek solving those puzzles, but screw it. Malas ku ingau. The puzzles inda pulang abis oleh ku, I got bored after 10 puzzles. Not to mention the Muhibah magazine, khatam ku sudah tu. Safety precautions leaflet atu pun aku apal sudah. Script stewardess yang tuan-tuan dan puan-puan bla bla atu; pun ku apal. Keboringan ku bah. Kan gila saja ku inda.

In my opinion, the meal portions that they serve inflight is getting less and lesser every time. I love makanan kapal, but it was relatively sedikit. I mean, kucing pun inda kanyang kali kalau ku bari makan. Capi-capi jua tu mun 4-5 suap ganya sekali abis tia. Kucing pun mengamuk wah ni. (Malar jua pasal kucing saja aku ah!) Well, that's just an opinion of a person yang inda pandai kanyang yakni orang-orang yang berbadan besar. I did see some people inda te-abis kan the food though. I swear I felt like scolding them. Next time kamu belayar, and kalau kamu inda makan, always ask the stewardess if I am on board. If I am, suruh ia antar ke tempat duduk ku. Ingat tu ah! Always consider me. ALWAYS CONSIDER ME!

I am really hungry at the moment, I want to eat somewhere. Siapa mau bawa aku jalan? Any takers?

AKU DI BRUNEI! Haha, baru tah kan sink in. Hello everybody.


Anonymous said...

hahaha i will do that next time im on the plane. i will mention your name. if they dont know who you are i'll ask them to read your blog.

Tee said...

YAY! jirin's home! we jlan yes? your no. still the same?

Jirin said...

hahahha they need not know me, everytime aku beli flight tickets.. aku sudah buat meal preference ku cematu. paham durang sudah tu kan aku hehehhee

ka ct!!
bah jalan!! no i changed my number! i'll text you soon!

D said...

hahahaha. classic.

"Sekali nya menangis, macam kanak-kanak kana rasuk jin bunyi nya."- I did laughed out loud. wahahahahah.

Welcome back, Jirin :)

Jirin said...

hahahaha thanks!