Saturday, 14 June 2008

Demam tahunan

Last year, exactly around this time of year, I was damam. The kind of damam where I get a runny and blocked nose, itchy and watery eyes, non-stop sneezes, sakit kepala, flu and batuk. Now, damam tia ku lagi. Macam bulih lagi annual damam ku ah. Exactly at the same time lagi tu. I think it's the sudden weather change. Whatever it is, pokoknya is that this time it is worse; I have never been this damam before. I couldn't sleep for two days because kepala ku paning.

I went to the nearest clinic, which was at Anggerek Desa. I came at around 9am. At the clinic kan, it clearly says that you will be served in approximately 120 minutes. It has a board that says "Harap maklum: Hari ini 3 doktor bertugas. Masa menunngu berjumpa doktor ialah 120 minit". Kan menangis wah ku membaca the notice board. Sengaja durang buat in 'minutes' so that it doesn't seem so long. Crazy! It was the whole London-Brunei flight once again. Everyone was complaining. The two women behind me couldn't stop whining and bitching. Aku rasa kan menyampuk but asi-asi jua tu? I wanted so badly to join them bitch about the slow service. Gigit saja bibir. Apa boleh buat.

After exactly 120 minutes, my name was finally called. In my mind, I stood on the chair and screamed out: 'FINALLY! ALHAMDULILLAH!', and celebrated like crazy. In reality inda pulang cematu. But seriously, that was how I felt. So anyway, the doctor prescribed me with Panadol, selesma-relieving pills, and a steroid-containing nose spray. The nose spray is supposed to 'cure' my allergies to things like dust and things sewaktu dengannya. It contains steroid, so if you see me next time with a muscular nose, jangan ketawakan aku.

Kalau bebini siuk ni damam-damam ani. Kana manja-manjai. Makan kana suap. Cawan pun kana pigangkan, baju kana pasangkan, kana mandi kan. Dui, KALAU! Haha!

Bah kan makan ubat ku dulu ah. Assalamualaikum!


Anonymous said...

try borneo clinic. servis.. quite laju. and the ubat prescribed actually worked. hehe

ur#1fan said...


haha baik jua annually, jangan saja monthly. atu baru bari watir. i think i saw you yesterday, hope you're as well as you look. get well soon! and welcome back home, btw.

Jirin said...

yeahhh i should propably try private clinic after my 120minute-experience!

ohh you saw me? why didnt you say hey! i was damam tu masih.. actually masa ani pun damam but getting better, hopefully!

ur#1fan said...

haha nah, cali jua tu if I introduce myself as 'ur#1fan', you'd probably think I was stalking you. oh okay, good on you. Speedy recovery, Jirin! hehe supaya rajin update! (:

Jirin said...

ur#1fan.. stilllll! haha i understand tho. so i will never get to find out who you are lah tu ertinya!