Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Scrub scrub kepala otak mu

I have never had a fixed facial wash or what not. I always change every time. Pokoknya I just can't be bothered. So I would buy different ones every time it runs out. Sometimes I'd buy facial wash, other times I'd buy facial scrub, but never at the same time. Just as long as it does its purpose, then I'm fine with it. Cuba tah muka ani inda payah menghasilkan minyak, sanang jua hidup ku.

So the other day abis wah pencuci muka ku. So I went to buy this facial scrub, Clearasil. When I arrived home, tarus ku pakai. I spread it all over my two palms and gosok seluruh muka. Sekali kan some of the scrub particles got stuck in my left eye. I didn't bother awal-awal, because usually tekeluar sendiri after a while. But siap ku menyuci muka, it was still in my eye. I couldn't open my eyes, I freaked out a little bit. I tried everything I could. Inda jua mau. There was a customer hotline number at the back of the facial scrub bottle; I wanted to call and complain. But that would've been bida. So, of course I didn't.

After around 10-15 minutes baru tah mau keluar. Stress ku memikirkan. Sekali when I told my house mate, she told me facial scrub ani andang inda bulih di gosok seluruh muka; kawasan pipi saja. I rushed to the toilet and observed the packaging: "Avoid eyes and mouth". THEY SHOULD HAVE USED BIG CAPITAL LETTERS! (Haha, remember that episode of Friends where Ross reacted like that? Sigh, rindu ku kan Friends.)

Moral of the story - facial scrub shouldn't be called facial scrub if it's not supposed to be used on the whole face. The dictionary defines 'face' as 'the front part of the head, from the forehead to the chin'. Hence, a facial scrub should be used at all parts contained on the front part if the head! It should be called cheek scrub kah instead. Bodoh punya inventor. Kalau ku bawa ke mahkamah ni wah, aku ni manang kes ani. Ganya malas ku kan cari kelayi.

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