Friday, 2 May 2008

Being fat is a sport

Brooke White is probably not the best singer among the remaining American Idol finalists, but she's pretty. She isn't exactly hot berabis either, but she's just that extra special something which I can't seem to point out. So when she was voted out, I was a little bummed. I don't mind pulang if ia keluar, but for her to be voted out before Jason Castro is just stupid. What is up with the dude's hair, seriously? Kalau kamu suka ia, don't start hating on me though!

Speaking of hair, aku begunting tadi patang. Almost gundul kepalaku; grade 4. Mainly because whenever I have a haircut, stress ku ilang. When I left the saloon tadi, I swear, my head felt so light. It felt so light, I almost felt headless for a little bit. I can't have my hair longer than a few inches, to me panjang tu sudah; and that's when I start to get all stressed out. I guess my stress points is arah rambutku. Unlike most guys, I don't like to keep my hair long. I don't get it.

I barely spent 5 minutes at the barber shop. Sekajap wah, then siap tia. Unlike in Brunei, a haircut may last around 20-30 minutes; because it includes kana urut kepala, kana urut belakang, kana cukur kan segala misai, segala janggut. Siuk bah! All that for at least four dollars. I miss Indian barbers. On second thoughts, I think macam underpaid jua ah those barbers. Nanti tah. I shall start paying an extra dollar. Haha, karit aku ah, seringgit ganya.

For the past few days, I have disciplined myself very well actually. I could resist not logging into Facebook or MSN for a couple of days; which eventually made me do more work. But, but! Somehow I started watching How I Met Your Mother two days ago and I am hooked, so the TV show is my new Facebook/MSN equivalent. I do work pulang but only when I'm waiting for an episode to load. Hey, at least I am doing work!

I visited Brudirect yesterday and apparently Brunei is the fattest ASEAN nation. We have the highest obesity rate among the other countries. I believe I am partly responsible for that. Ooops, my bad! I am sorry, Brunei Darussalam! Oh man, If only being fat is a sport; then we would get more gold medals masa SEA Games. (I'm currently listening to SEA Games songs. Su! Kan! SEA! Ole Ole Brunei!)


Be'ah said...

your partly responsible for that rate? haha please jirin. the world doesnt revolve around u! =p

jiriiiiiiiiiin aku pun stress psl kan exam. kalau aku gunting rambut, mahal tapinya! :s

bah rajin2x buat kraja. come june and we parrtayyy!

Be'ah said...

oh and i remembered how ur anal with grammar. so my mistake. its you're and not your. and jgn marah if i sound mentel. i am mentel plg. haha

ur#1fan said...

you're NOT fat jirin. if you're fat, then people like sean kingston atu apa? monsters? lol. goodluck for ur exams. btw this is the same girl who said there should be more guys like u. :)

Jirin said...

Rabz, hahaha I can assure you I am part of that percentage!!! Bah, begunting sendiri saja kau.. heheh

i know i probably am not fat, but im obese, and ive got a written proof by my doctor heheheh. thanks, but i don't have exams though, but i still need luck untuk siapkan coursework hehehe. oh rupanya, hehe, nice to know =)

Be'ah said...

phewwit. u gots a suitor there mate.

awu aku jobless.

zz said...

hehehehhe jirin...*winks seribu juta kali*

sama, your written evidence atu expired udah tu. youve lost so much weight udah, stop saying youre fat.

Tina said...

I like him and his dreads. I HATE YOU FOR SAYING THAT. Hahaha, nada wah. Aku eksen saja. :P

It's natural to feel that way. I feel that it's unfair that Brooke White is eliminated after Carly Smithson was. White should've gone first. Haaa. (I don't like White. Macam kambang.)

I'm rooting for David Cook for the 7th idol.

I'm also part to blame for Brunei's fat rate. :(

Jirin said...

I'm guessing it's you Imah, since ZZ is your initials. Imah, winking beribu juta kali? Bukan winking tu! sakit mata tu ertinya. baik bagi ubat! hahaha eh! mana ada inda valid! it is still valid! hahah

Heyy!! Awu, how you feel about Jason is how I feel about Brooke. We both know them both are JUST okay. (Mana ada brooke kambang.. Brooke down to earth jua!)

I'm rooting for any of the Davids. I don't mind any. I'm loving Cook's version of Always Be My Baby!!

Tina, it's okay, at least we're the ones that's making Brunei to lead in SOMETHING! Hehe! Take care Tina! Eh aku baru ingat.. *good morning kambing~*

zz said...

awubahhh sakit mataku bahh, aku mana wink sama kau, inda. behapa jua hahaha kalau mata kelap-kelip beribu kali maknanya sakit mata, you check the scale a thousand times and it still says youre "overweight" that means the machine is broken too!

Precious adalqisha said...

Hi jirin..I think dis is my 1st comment to u..I hav been reading ur blog for quite some time n ur blog is one of my favourite..Love ol ur posts cz they make me laugh ol da tym..N about the obesity rate in brunei..I remember my brother's lecturer once said.. 'klu cigu suruh kmu tahan nafas sampai kmu tenampak urg gamuk..Nda kmu kepisan d brunei ani..' huh! Meaning to say, almost smua tmpt yg ada jelama di brunei ani grenti ada or quite a number of obese people..Huh..Jahat eh....Watever..Psl urg obese ani th drg dpt benafas..Hahaha klu nada urg obese ni melintas biar drg menahan nafas di sana tu.Hahaha nda ja?Haha
anyways, good luck in watevr u do jirin..


Jirin said...

Hi Imah. inda.. i checked with 3 other weight scales!! =p

Mumui!!! Jaaaaa! hehehehe. How's B. Ed. General Science intake 2006 doing!!! Sometimes I wish I could stay in the course you know. Kirim salam the rest! Good luck to you tooooo!

Precious adalqisha said...

Jirin.Opsss dis is the other mumui lg nt dat mumui..Hehehe ni mumui frm other course.Keke.Bt dat mumui aka hjh.Muizah is my fren too.U may nt knw me..Bt friendship cn owez start frm the baseline rite..Keke tq anyway jirin..Have a great day..

Jirin said...

Oooh. rupanya! hehehe sorry salah! heheh.. yeaps, of course. hi mumui =) thanks for reading my blog, although i may speak crap sometimes =)

Precious adalqisha said...

Jirin..So sad..Jhat eh anti jirin 2..Npa ya kn trus2 mental atu.
Be strong yah! We r right beside u..Go jirin! =)


JIRIN said...

Mumui, thanks!! no, im fine, really. thanks ah mumui =)

Anonymous said...

i think Castro's selling point is his dreadlock hair which is so hot that i don't want him to ever lose it. and youuu, need a hair magazine LOL! jangan marah kek roll bejirin.

Jirin said...

okay for one thing, even if i knew what hair style is lawa, or inda, i still wouldn't like Jason C! Well, i dont hate him. I just think he's an okay singer; not great; just okay. about the hair.... rimas wah ku meliat! hahaha