Friday, 9 May 2008

Ai I Kam Som Tam

I didn't update this blog not because aku menyamal, not because I wanted to quit blogging or anything. I have been really busy. Actually, I just got back from Manchester to settle some stuff. I am so tired. I can't even describe how tired I am. I just wish that a tukang urut can just appear in my room right now. Please. This will be the perfect time to play three wishes. (I wished and I wished, inda jua ada. Boring.)

It is getting really warm here in the United Kingdom, even at night. See this is the thing with me, panas salah, sajuk pun salah. No, that is not just me. It's a typical human thing. I'm sure everyone feels like that. Inda pandai besyukur nya old people. If the weather could talk wah, it would scream in my face right now: APA LAGI KAU MAU KAN! Di bari batis, mau paha.

To Apip; kalau kau malar kana urat oleh lelaki gurka, aku malar kana pikir gurka. Inda pulang ku offended kalau aku kana pikir gurka. Durang cool kali ah, tahan kana jamur and rugged. Malar sudah orang gurkha senyum arah ku. Aku senyum balik lah. I mean, that's the least I can do. Inda kan aku mental and teriak: "Eh talor aku orang Brunei wah merati kau?"

Speaking of which, one time I was at Empire punya reception kan. There was this Indonesian lady receptionist. She was telling me how I looked an awful lot like her brother back in Jakarta. She even showed me his passport picture which she had in her wallet. I agree pulang; ada jua imbas-imbas nya macam aku. Sekali aku tanya apa namanya. Guess what? His name is Soni Toyota! Bulih! Macam nada nama lain wah ia ah kana namakan brand elektronik campur nama brand kereta. Imagine ku apa nama adi beradinya yang lain.

People say that there are six other people on this earth who looks like you. So that's seven people including yourself. I've found one of mine and he's in Indonesia. I just hope that Jessica Alba won't confuse me with those six other guys. That's one of my biggest fears.

1. Khairul Hazirin, Brunei Darussalam.
2. Soni Toyota, Indonesia.
3. Unknown.
4. Unknown.
5. Unknown.
6. Unknown.
7. Unknown.

Oh, I was in Manchester for an interview untuk degree. Not because of the other thing. Malas ku ingau. Thanks to Aidah for bringing me around!

I'm signing out. Salam.


Lady28 said...

hahahaha! jirin jirin.. kan tekamih saja nda bah...rugged apa soni toyota ah..nda g jauh tu, di seberang =p

plus lucky u, kejumpahan udh kambar..i wish i could meet atleast sorg yg mcm aku jua..

u shud think a rugged name for u too, just incase..hehehe

zz said...

kekrol bijirin jua sudah ah jirin ah hahahahahahaha

Jirin said...

hey! awu i think i'll use that as my alias..

awu kekrol bijirin pun rugged kan imah! heheh

Senor Pablo said...

Good luck on Manchester. I hope u will get a place there to do your degree. Hazim is there!!