Monday, 28 April 2008

Kekroll Bijirin

Back in primary school, other than Khairul Hazirin, I was also known as Kekroll Bijirin. I think I remember being really annoyed whenever I was called by that name. Even my form teacher called out that name when she was doing the daily register. Tapi karang ani, ku pikir punya pikir, kenapa tah aku mental sangat ah dulu atu? Creative jua tu bah orang atu. At least the name was not insulting.

Speaking of insulting names, in secondary school, a couple of seniors dulu called me Doraemon. Not because I had cool magical gadgets in my pocket, not because I had a friend who looked like Nobita, neither was it because I used to wear Doraemon shirts. But because kan Doraemon ani bulat and labu; that's why. Hahaha. It was humiliating. Can you imagine what that can do to a 13 year old who is udergoing puberty? Oh, the trauma.

Who among you, by any chance, owns a business which sells cakerolls for Raya? I will be truly honoured if you would name a cakeroll after me, calling it Kekroll Bijirin in hopes that it would be the new Tapak Kaki Kuda. Inda lagi orang mencari Tapak Kaki Kuda tu. People will be looking for Kekroll Bijirin masa beraya from house to house. Because everyone wants a piece of Kekroll Bijirin. Hahaha perasan. Hahaha, Ali, sorry eh, aku curi kau punya Alicake tagline.

Speaking of Kek Tapak Kaki Kuda, macam-macam sudah ah masa ani. I remember ada this one house we visited masa raya, they were serving a gigantic and enormous Tapak Kaki Kuda cakeroll. But apparently, its name was different: Tapak Kaki Gajah! Hahaha, creative wah orang Brunei ani! I'm imagining wah. If there was a Kekroll Bijirin, how would it look like? It's going to be thick and fat that's for sure. It's got to have chocolate. Since part of its name is bijirin, maybe campur sedikit crushed corn flakes.



Anonymous said...

Bah Jirin, aku membali kekroll mu 10 roll. bila boleh siap? aku gagas ni =p

Jirin said...

hello anonymous.
hahaha bah hari anam siap tu. ambil ah, jgn lupa. ngalih ku me-roll tu. hahha

Mamalobengs said...

Baik lagi kekrol bijirin dariii.. INDAAA JUAAAA.. atah AJAH NYAWA!! BULIH!!! trauma ku tarus.. hahahah!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha. good one. kekrol bijirin. hehehe. oh tapak kuda. yum~

Anonymous said...

hehe jirin, you're so funny. and so adorable. i wish there were more guys like you. :)

Jirin said...

ka najwa,
hahahah kita kana galar ajah nyawa bah!!! hahahahah antah orang brunei ani, nama bisai-bisai kana bari, lain tepulang kana panggil! hehe!

hehe awu aku pun mau tapak kuda! lanja! hehehe

that's sweet of you. if only there are more girls like you =)

Kitty said...

Jirin, I have a confession to make. banarnya kan, dulu msa di ms, my frenz (nda bulih gtau nama bisdia) sama me pun sikit g kn manggil u kekrol bijirin ah..hehehe!

jan marahh... heeheee...

Anonymous said...

U really cheer up my day by reading ur blog!...Keep it up!

Frm, Jessica

Jirin said...

Hahaha, it's okay. I don't mind Khairul Hazirin/Kekrol Bijirin, potayto/potaato, tomayto/tomaato...

Dear Jessica,
Is your name really Jessica? Hehe I'm just curious.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jirin,

Yes, my real name is Jessica.