Sunday, 13 April 2008

Have a Jirin day

Quite a number of people have asked me whether my header says 'Jirin Day' or not. It doesn't banarnya, haha! The supposedly 'DAY' is actually 587 in jawi. 587 is like some lame personal number of mine. It's my birthday actually, I was born on the 5th of the 8th, 1987. Hence, that's 5-8-87. But in 587, the 8 ada sabdu. So pakai sekali saja. Inda payah dua buting. Actually my cousin came up with that, except that she was born a day after me, so her number is 687. This was like when we were kids, so being the copy cat that I was, aku ikut-ikut lah. (I even ikut-ikut ia makan appetite enhancing vitamins; which I have blogged about before.)

Awu, she was born a day after me. My elder sister, on the other hand, was born on the same day two years earlier. Some family planning that was! We have been celebrating our birthdays together the past two decades. Thing is, adik ku yang hari jadi nya menyalat bulan 11, ikut-ikutan tia jua kana sambut bulan lapan; turut tia jua kana bari hadiah, kana bari usin. Tapi sudah ia hari jadi, mana orang ingat kan kami. Hahaha!

Kalau boleh, nanti I want to have all my kids born in August. Even more, kalau boleh, I want them all born on 5th August. To my future wife whoever you are: jangan pressure ah. Family planning shouldn't be too hard to handle. You have been warned. Jangan sudah kawin karang komplen-komplen.

Oh, you know what? Me and my sister's IC numbers punya difference is approximately 10000. So in the span of two years, from August 1985 to August 1987, 10000 kids were born. That's a part of the nation's census you never knew of. Some trivia!

I'll make a new header one of these days. It's getting old. Anyway, I just wanted to clear out the whole 'Have a Jirin day' boohaki on my header. Since we're on it, have a Jirin day, y'all! Whatever that means!


ShamNE.O said...

dude, your adi yg bulan 11 bila exactly? sama kali like mine.. on the 6th? maybe? lol. i thought it was jirin day too.

Jirin said...

inda dude. ia punya bday akhir.. 23hb. hahhahha. eh dude, aku link ah. dint noe u had a blog..

Mamalobengs said...

Aiii, to be honest lai nda pulang ku tepikir DAY atu.. pikir kaka slama ani.. JIRIN OAV!! hahhaah.. bulihkah OAV!!!.. "Orang Ada Vitamin"... hahaha apakan!!

Jirin said...

hahhaha OAV??? hahhahahaha jirin aka orang ada vitamin. hahahahahhaha more like OAC.... orang ada cholestrol!!!