Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Even Prince thought so

It was a nice day today; unlike yesterday, it was sunny. I don't usually have class on Tuesdays but I had to go to the school library to do some research for my essay. On my way to school, I saw this hot-from-far-away girl who I was about to pass in the next minute or so. In my head, Prince punya lagu 'Most Beautiful Girl In The World' was playing and to my eyes the girl was walking in slow motion with her long straight hair swishing in the air.

Sekali as I passed her, she's not just hot from far away; she's also hot from two steps away. At that time, she was just telling her friend (who she was walking with), "There is just no decent guy that exists. Please, for once, I want to meet a decent guy, you know."

So I turned and tapped her back, "Hey, I can't help but overhear your little comment. I mean, I'm not saying I am your definition of decent, but maybe you could see and judge over lunch or dinner?"

If you fell for that, then you probably do not know me. Of course I didn't have the guts to say that. Of course it was all in my head. Tecakap pun ku inda kali. I'd just probably end up embarrassing myself. We were going separate directions anyway, and I was on my way to school to do research after all. Well, actually, at one point, it was to stalk the hot girl on one hand, and to do essay research on the other hand. Hmmm. Cemana ni ah? But by the time I looked back, there was no hot girl anymore. So, essay research it is. Haha, I was just kidding about the stalking by the way. I mean, I've got better things to do kali ah; like Facebook-ing or blogging, haha!

She was Asian by the way. She looked Filipino but she didn't have a Tagalog accent. She could pass as a Bruneian actually. She almost looked like Camile Velasco from American Idol Season 3. Or maybe I was just imagining. I probably was. Because last night I just saw a video of Camile's version of Alicia Keys 'Noone' on her personal Youtube channel; which got me all angau for the rest of the night.

God knows if there even was a hot girl who passed me or not. There better be eh! Sekali tau-tau I was just imagining. Boh cemana ni, I don't know what's real and what's not anymore! I think I need help. Siapa tau numbur telipun Ee Ah Meng? Dr. Phil Brunei kali ah! God, I am so dramatic. Why am I not on Oprah, God knows.


Anonymous said...

Talk about being dramatic, yes you are so very dramatic. But being dramatic ain't wrong. In your case, kau cali bah being dramatic. People feed on your dramatic behaviour.

daily aku visit brudirect.com klw aku nda bali borneo bulettin.. ranoadidas.com.. cnn.com/bbc.com.. facebook.com aaaannd finally jirin.blogspot.com

aku hinting supaya kau update hari hari wah tu incase kau inda paham! hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Oh Jirin, you should have told her what has hidden in ur heart...honestly, if m younger than you, I probably would like to go a date with you.

Love, Jessica

- Mrs. Gokil - said...

hahaha.. ok, im laughing out loud right now in the office*nasib lunch time* hehe..cali bahh..you know, i wanna meet you one day. I dont look like jessica alba OR si camile.. tapi hot jua..keke..lame ok i noe..but the thg is, ure funny! funny to the max! hehehe

Jirin said...

hahaha i do try to update everyday but sibuk bah. and if i update everyday, semua tia kan ku ceritakan.. barang-barang sekadar pun ku ter-cerita kan kali.

but thanks anonymous for reading my blog walaupun im so random and talk about bullshit kdg kdg. hehhe

i have nothing against dating eler women hahaha.. unless you're against dating younger guys :(

hehehe. thanks, jessica.

mrs gokil,
hahahaha bah semoga panjang umur murah rezeki we shall chill one day! hehe jgn tawa basar basar eh krg kana marahi boss krg hehe

Anonymous said...

i just started reading ur blog upon a friend's suggestion and im kinda addicted.i dont know whethr its a good ting o nt tapi ure so cali.i ws lyk membaca balik2 n stil finds it funny.and evryday hoping dt u wud update.and nw dats too much.bh update evryday bh.btw jirin,im single too and older.haha

Jirin said...

Anonymous, hey!
eh jgn tah di lawat hari hari eh, because i dont update everyday!! hehehe.

how much older? but u left your name as anonymous =p

Anonymous said...

My dad knows Ee Ah Meng's number... hehe... my dad is a counsellor... so ia knal lah...huhuhu.. neways, u got dah kan the sate recipe? already try? :)

Jirin said...

Hey "anonymous" not so anonymous since i know who you are!

hahaha! Yupe, I forgot to thank you for giving me the recipe!! But I haven't tried it. because my housemate's mom melawat hari atu and ia bawa satay dari brunei.. so reda jua my tastebud hehhee..

selama ani alum mampu beli daging haha but now elaun naik kan, i shall attempt it! i will mention it when i do! heheh

thanks once again!!!! =))

btw, i was just joking abt getting ee ah meng's number to seek help!! hahahah

Anonymous said...

heeee!!!!malu ku kan taruh nama. :p
i noe u were only joking bout the number...bnyak tnya my dad krg mun ku btnya ia number ee ah meng...kekeke!

I was planning kan mskkan rabz sate masa ia d sini, but psl shortage of time, and we had bbq for one day haritu (rupanya c rabz ani inda bnyak mkn)...iatah inda jd msk sate...

bah do mention of menjadi k

Jirin said...

Nabilah, right? Thanks once again Nabilah, for the recipe. Alright, I'll mention it nanti. Take care!