Saturday, 5 April 2008

Be Konfaiden

I've submitted in my work. Man, it's a good feeling! When I submitted my work, I swear I felt much lighter. I guess having to worry about work does add a few pounds.

I've ignored my laundry to do work. I didn't sleep for almost three days. I had an energy stimulating drink to keep me up. I had 6 bottles in the span of three days. I think I'm becoming immune to it. So yeah, my room was so full of laundry, I had to move to my house mate's room for space. Erman, I've been doing work in your room. Siuk tah Brunei ah?

For one thing, my room is small. Not just that, even my study table is small. My house mate's room is two times bigger. His study table is big as well. Macam meja guru besar sekolah ugama. Even kalau aku melimpang atas meja nya ani pun aku muat. Ironically, he's the smallest one in the house and he gets the biggest table. I'm the biggest one in the house and I get the smallest table? Where is the fairness in this world? Haha, just kidding.

I was just reading this other male blogger's posts and he was complaining about how fat he is. I was like, do I sound like this? Man, if I do, then I sound like a girl. But that isn't the point. I think I have made it clear that why I wanted to lose weight was pasal bini-bini anyway, not because I want to fit into a size S. My reason is stupid, STUPID! I know.

It only occured to me how pessimistic I am. I always say how I am inda laku. I always talk about how I am so fat I have to walk sideways. I am a fucking pessimist. I mean, the more I say those things about myself, the more I become more of those things. But then again, everyone grows out of one's silliness. I think I have to be a little confident because negativity will only result in negativity in the end. There's no point in being modest when it has no benefit to yourself. Girls like confident guys. Although too much confidence can result in cockiness. Luan kambang atu is a turn off jua. New year's resolution for 2008: be konfaiden.

My stupid neighbour is knocking on our walls again! It was 8.30pm and we were just talking. Man, I seriously hope they die, or get infected with dengue. The other day I saw them clean out their lawn. Jeles tah ku tu lawn kamu bersih dan lawa? Balum. Awu lurus tu, bisai jua usul kubur kamu nanti. Haha!

So yes, here I am vowing not to complain of how inda laku I can get, or how big I am. Haha! Pecaya kamu? Liat tah esuk lusa. You will hear me complaining again. But no, I will try not to. After all, it is getting old. Even Jessica said it was annoying. So yes, anything for Jessica.

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