Monday, 10 March 2008

The suicide thing

In my previous post, I might have mentioned how utterly stupid it is for someone to commit suicide; which I later scratched out after anonymous left a message on my tag board how insensitive it is to talk like that. That got me thinking. We all are thinking eh buduh jua durang ani kan bunuh diri. Now that I gave it a thought, true, they could have suffered from a mental illness, or have gone through a rough time.

We all judge too quickly. We don't know what's the story behind it. That's our thing. We judge people too quickly. Like if we see a prostitute, we immediately call them sampah masyarakat and trash them. We shouldn't. We see someone commit a sin, we see them as sinners for life. But so are we, we are all sinners. It is our responsibility to help and guide each other towards the right path.

What I meant to point out was, as we all may know, it is blasphemous to commit suicide. The thought of committing suicide may naturally cross our minds when we go through rough times. It's what we may think is the solution to a problem. It's not, it's NEVER the solution. God won't put us through something He knows we can't get through. In other words, whatever it is that we are facing, we will always get through it, one way or another. God wouldn't give us courage if we ask for courage; instead He gives us a situation for us to be courageous.

Thank you, Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

I get you Jirs~ (nama manja untuk Jirin, can?)

...a friend used to say to me, "sedangkan pelacur lagi berperasaan", which I found funny at first (melakak pulag ku ketawa awal2) but when I think about it, banar jua...even prostitutes have feelings...

Laps u Jirs...keep writin kay? Cam't get enuff of ur thoughts!

Mamalobengs said...

You know lai, at a young age, u take criticisms and comments constructively which I find to be a true sign of maturity. Hehe!! Bah, kaka will have to sell you soon ni!! I miss you...

Jirin said...

Boleh lah. Some people ada panggil aku jirs. hahaha.

yeap yeap true. pelacur pun punya perasaan. hhahhahha.

hahaha awu aku ketuahan to a certain extent hahaha. talk to you soon.

Mamalobengs said...

Anonymous ahhh!! Jirrsss, atu mamalobengs fren tuuu.. ia ada secret CRUSH on ya!! hahahha!!

Pelacur ani bePERASAAN kaliah, namanya 'manusia'!! eseh aku ah, ali2 terasa mengapaaaa? HAHAHAHAH!!!

Jirin said...

hi ka naj. hahhahahahahahiakah? heheh eggsen nya tu hehehhe.

aweh astah. kita melawankan kenapa?? hahhahahahahahhahahahh

Denali said...

Good post.