Saturday, 15 March 2008

Stupid neighbour

We all know that Jirin's not the blogger who updates everyday. Not even every two days. Not even once a week sometimes. I do try though. I do try to update as much as I can, but every time I do, I end up typing out something personal. It just ends up being drafted.

I hate my neighbour. I hate them. I fucking hate them. Bising sedikit pun kana tagur. This is what you get for living in a terraced unit. No, no, salah tu. This is when you get when you are neighbours with orang gila.

It was a Friday night. I was watching an episode of Friends when we heard a sarcastic knock on the wall. Did that make me lower down the volume of the TV? Malas ku kan inggut. Makin lagi ku basarkan volume TV. Ketawa ku lagi labang-labang. Not once have they told us to pipe down. Yes, maybe we can be loud at times, but bukannya dua puluh ampat jam kami bising. It's our house, so we have the rights to be loud, no? They say it's late in the night and they have work early in the morning the next day. Okay. We're sorry for that. But during the weekend; kana tagur jua. Awal pukul 9 malam; pun kana tagur jua.

Never did our neighbour on our right complained about us. Neighbour kiri ani ganya gila. I feel like giving them a poisoned cheese cake as an 'apology'. One of these days, I may just do that. I swear. Garam hati ku. Rasa kan ku karat wah telinga durang ah @!#$%^&%%$$##%$%$^%&%^^(^@#@#@$^%%$#$#%$%$!

Sudah tah luan labih ia mengomplen ani; penipu lagi tu. Kalau weekday they say they have work early in the morning. Kalau weekend they say they have a baby sleeping in their house. But whenever I catch them leaving their house, it's only the two of them laki bini. No baby. No fucking baby. Penipu kan? I told you!

I don't know what they're expecting from us. To whisper when we speak? Buduh. I am getting sick of this. Screw you, house number 62.


Anonymous said...

Jirs~ the poisoned cheese cake sounds like a good idea! Muahahahahahhahahahah!! *evil laugh*

Jirin said...

bah dgni ku membuat ah! hehe!

Wangs said...

nice job done!

D said...

If you ever see them, ask in a sarcastically 'honest' tone:

"I would love to see your baby!"

Or rather, lain kali if you can hear their conversation or even slightest noise, make such a big racket out of it.


Mamalobengs said...

You know what's the best thing to do. Offer to BABYSIT their imaginary baby ah.. lapas atu barutah kau antar poisoned cheese cake!! hehehe

Senor Pablo said...

hahaaa.. pacah.. but I'm sympathetic to ur cause. Apa kan neighbour mu ani? English? Barangkali racist bah durang ah!! Well, Put it this way, it is better that they are annoyed than u are. I got a interesting story about one of my classmate. She is Indonesian and she is sharing with 2 other Australian girls. The problem is this. One of the girl brings the boyfriend and 'BANG' him in the shared house. So u can imagine the kind of sound she hears most evening. Sasak ia..hahahahaha
I tot I cheer u up with that story!

Jirin said...

hahahhahaha awu nanti hari kiamat dgni ku menjawab ah kenapa ku bagi poisoned cheese cake! hehee

how are you!!! thanks for dropping by the blog!

awu iatah tapi inda ku kan mau bebaik sama kedia. mana ku menagur klw ku jumpa durang. bagi mua masam. ahaha adeh, bici aku ah

ka naj,
awu, iatah kan ku babysit. mun ada baby banar banar, kaan ku bunuh!

uncle pabs,
ahhaha awu english. tapi bodoh. inda sporting. awu racist kali banar! hahahhahahahaahahha bising buat project. BANGing lagi tu eh!!! hehehehe!!! kesian indon atu banar! belajar pun payah mun mendangar orang bilik sebalah begila

Jablaii said...

LoL, it reminds me back the old days when i was in Cardiff. Living in a terraced house is a disaster esp if u r in the middle of the house, kiri kanan tu complain if buat bising. Tapi yg slalu complain kami ani usually the pakistani.. the welsh inda pulang, orang tua lagi tu. Every weekend friends come over berkaruki apa, nada urg tua atu complain but the pakistani are.. the only solution is IGNORE them.. atu saja, pandai durang sangal tu hehehe

Jirin said...

hahhahahaha awu banar tu. yupe ignore and make more noise. thats what we have been doing!! heheh