Sunday, 23 March 2008

I wish I wish I wish

There are a lots of things I would want to wish for. For example, I wish my easter holiday could be longer than two weeks. I wish I could be a wiser person. I wish my rent is not so expensive. I wish England is as near as Miri is to Brunei. I wish I could eat tonnes of chocolate and not get bigger. I wish my laundry could clean by itself. I wish my duvet could fold by itself every morning. I wish Bruneians could stop using the phrase 'jub*r mu itam', it's getting old.

I wish one of my house mates could walk into my room right now to offer me a glass of water, because I am too lazy to get it myself. I wish my wallet is thick not because it has loads of receipts, but money. I wish someone could've invented a multipurpose soap that could be used as body wash, facial wash, shampoo, toothpaste and shaving cream altogether. I wish I could use the reason "I am big boned!".

I wish I could control UK's weather with a remote control. I wish aku pandai main bula so I don't have to find an excuse every time someone brings me to play football. I wish my cholesterol could be artistic ideas instead; so I could do my coursework with ease. I wish I'm not that much of a big slacker. I wish I am as laku and macho as Ali, Ali. Haha! (I also wish I could update my blog everyday like Ali, Ali.)

I wish Aminah Arif could open up a branch here in the UK. I wish I am not so dramatic. I wish I am not as loud. I wish haircuts here are as cheap as canned tuna. I wish I had the courage to write about personal stuff on my blog. I wish I am not as shallow and choosy. I wish girls aren't so shallow so that I don't have to lose weight. I wish that Jessica Alba could give me a call and ask me out.

This is just me slacking off again. I'm gonna do work now. Later.

P/S: Jessica, call me. Or leave me a message on my tag board at least. Don't be shy-shy cat. I know you read my blog.


Kitty said...

ya Rabbi, jirin. banyaknya wish mu ani. jangan2 sampai angel of wish pun inda tekabir kan melayan wishes mu ah. pincin ia selajur kali. sangal!


Noni Mus said...

Kau ani jirin! You're not inda laku, like you said you are probably too choosy.

Aku confuse. In your blog you say you're single.. tapi if im not mistakened, your facebook says you're in a relationship! Kan pasang dua kah Jirs? haha!

Jirin said...

awu bnyk ni permintaan ku ah. hahaha! awu banar tu. sampai inda ia sanggup hehhee

noni mus,
hahaha smart! that actually sounds better than the classic 'anonymous'. i was like siapa ni ah Noni Mustafa kali.. sekali aNONImus tah tu!

hahahah i probably am too choosy. hmmph. it's only human to be so, no? errr i am single. hahaha, not everything on facebook is authentic my friend =)

mimimo said...

i think ure wishing to be in heaven now

Be'ah said...

lalalalalala~ hehe sja kan leave comment. bah jirin weds main bula! no excuses la. main sama bini2x kali ah. nda payah malu since gurantee the girls are worse than u in football. well, me actually hahahaha

Jirin said...

siapa jua nda mau masuk syurga! hehehe!

sorry lambat reply but.. i think i skulah jua that day. hahaha next time!