Sunday, 9 March 2008

I love carrots

How's everybody else doing? As for me, I think I'm doing fine. It's just that I've loads of work on my plate. The deadline is approaching so it's really pressuring. But it's good. I work best under pressure. I have two projects; I have to redesign Hamley's logo for their 250th anniversary; and to create a campaign to promote Wagamama's eat-out sales. I hate talking about school, so I'll stop here.

I think it's starting to get Springy here. I see flowers at the park, it's a nice view. I know it's Spring is because the bugs are starting to appear; the mosquitoes and all. The mosquitoes are big as hell here. I don't know, everything seems to be big here. Kucing nya lampoh-lampoh. Nyamuk nya basar macam acang. Ayam haram pun macam ayam turki basarnya. Sekali sudah ayam halal, damit tia, kacut. Macam inda bedusa-dusa. (The other day, stupid bug stung me. Of all places, disangatnya parutku. Bangkak. Sudahtah labu, makin tia lagi labu. Aku sensitive sedikit ni kalau pasal parut. Jangan main-main.)

I was catching up with my younger sister the other day and she was telling me how her work colleague knows about the Harshi/Hershey story [click here]. It's weird to be told that story and in return telling people - hey, that's me! The whole Harshi story is getting very notorious. Malu ku banarnya. It's not even a joke sebenarnya. It was merely just an experience. It's a funny experience though! I googled up Harshi and apparently there's an Indian blogger named Harshi. I was looking through his archives, mana tau it's him and whether he has has blogged about other side of the Harshi/Hersheys story. But of course, it's not him. God bless the original Harshi.

I am getting bored of eating spinach soup almost every other day. So now I'm introducing carrots as my staple food. I love carrots. I have always loved carrots dari damit. Like how people say pink is the new black, carrot is the new chicken. Right now, I'm saying that I prefer carrots to chicken. Haha, right now ganya tu. Cuba liat esuk lusa, muak carrot ni banar.

Nothing new is going on in my life. No further weight loss. No 30-year-old girlfriend (JK!). No nothing. Until I have something to talk about, I shall update.

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