Sunday, 30 March 2008

Break time

I am now back in Canterbury. There is no place like home. The moment I stepped into my house, I went straight to bed. I couldn't be bothered to change because I was really tired, so I slept in my half-wet shirt and jeans.

I had a good time in London actually. Even though I was really busy helping out with the event, I enjoyed it. I like being involved in these kind of things. There were lots of girls too. I think, I think, I was crushing on someone. I wonder who it was because I honestly forgot siapa (eksenku tapinya).

My body is aching like hell. The last time my body ached like this was when I was in a tarik kalat competition. That's how tired I am. This post won't be any longer because I still have work to do. Break time's over. The due date is this coming Thursday, so wish me luck.

Take care my friends.


Anonymous said...

Who are you crushing on?????? Hehe eseh inda batah be-girlfriend ni si Jirin~~~

Anonymous said...

Anak kemanakanku ada di Brunei Hall atu wang Jirin. Mudah-mudahan jua bukan anak dara peradianku yang si awang crushie, crushie atu ah. *hahahah*

Jirin said...

Hey anonymous,
hahhah adalah! mana boleh bagi tau!

jgntah abiskita ingau. bukannya orang brunei hall. and hence, bukannya anak kemanakan kedikita.

Anonymous said...

aww does this mean..nada lagi chance saya.. :'(

Jirin said...

I didn't say I'm getting married or anything! Ada chance eh, tapi cemana. I can't fall in love with someone anonymous ;p