Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Taiming kah muka ku

You all may not have guessed, but it is hard for me to make new friends. I usually meet new people through my existing friends. Jarang sekali I would come up to a random person and start to mingle randomly. Simple because, in that sense, I am quite the shy type.

You make different perceptions about people you do not know. You instantly judge them; it is only natural to. Say, for example, one may look taiming. Then, there's an immediate reaction to that - you dislike him/her. That perception sticks forever in your mind, it will, if you do not make an effort to get to know the person better. I too judge people. I might have disliked some people just because that they might have looked ambung or taiming.

You know how people say karma always bites you in the ass, right? Today I learned that some people actually thought that I am ambung and taiming before they met me. Karma, oh, karma.

I was like "Indakan!"; I was in disbelief. But apparently I do. But honestly people, I love people in general! I am very loving! I am not taiming nor am I ambung! Maybe it's the way I subconsciously carry myself. Or maybe, it is just simply... pisin mua ku.

So I am really sorry if I don't look very welcoming. I am the opposite of that.

Another popular perception that people may have of me is that I look quite conservative. Do I? Aku yang capi-capi ulah ku ani kana ucap conservative? Actually that's quite a compliment I must say.

I cannot naturally smile in pictures (unless I laugh), so I have people telling me that I smile like perogol bersiri in pictures. To tell me that I have a fake smile would be enough, you know. Ani perogol bersiri wah kana ucap usul mua ku. Others would tell me that I look like a pimp. Me? A pimp? Mun pimples mengakun ku. Lame haha.

Like they always say, never judge a book by its cover. Read its first few pages first, the you judge. I judge people by how they look sometimes, and I'm usually wrong.

So to people who thought that I am ambung or taiming, I am not. Maybe that is what's keeping me single all these time. Okay, now that you know I am not ambung nor taiming, do ask me out. (I am very loving!)

HAHAHA. Bari gali aku ah.

My weekend was great. I had lots of fun and I had great company. Thanks guys for the greatest weekend I have ever had in a long time. I'll post pictures esok (I promise this time). Do come back and check it out.



Lina Lyne said...

Lol at perogol bersiri.

And oh, you don't have that taiming look on your face, I think.

Tina said...

My first impression is 'temeng' also. Then when they get to know me, they're so in disbelief that they had a wrong first impression.


Tina said...

What I meant was, people's first impression of me! LOL.