Wednesday, 13 February 2008

This blog thing

I was given a link to a Friendster blog written by this kid who wants to study in the UK. She dissed UBD big time. She was saying how she'll be really malu if she ends up studying there. She also said that she was confident in getting a scholarship by the government to be sent to the UK.

Membari awar wah anak ah. I won't comment further. Tapi membari kan menampar wah. I'll stop. Garam ati ku! Okay adang.

(I'd link this kid's blog but that would be too mean, wouldn't it? I'll leave the link on the comment box if you want me to.)

Do you think that people with this kind of attitude will get awarded a scholarship? We have authorities in Brunei who keeps track of people's blogs. This is the thing: we bloggers may think that we can say whatever we want to say. Think twice. Be careful what you say on your blog. Karang ujung-ujung inda lagi tedapat IC kuning. Kana suruh karang bekayuh mencari negeri baru.

This actually makes me think. People will judge us from our blogs. Not just our blogs, but from our Facebook profiles (or Friendster). It's scary. It's scary how you can easily google up someone's name and get information about them. So, now I'm thinking. Will this blog of mine affect my career opportunities in the future? Will I eventually delete this blog once I start working?

Probably not. I love blogging too much I would probably still be blogging even if aku beranak kah, becucu kah, becicit kah. Haha, nini blogger they'd call me. I would probably be teaching my child to blog at an early age even! Haha jangan-jangan malu kali anak ku ni nanti bapanya tedapat blog.

In a few years time, I am going to be a teacher. To be honest, I am looking forward to it. I know it will not be easy, but it's a challenge I have yet to tackle. I probably wasn't the best mannered student back in my hey days. Therefore, I do not expect to have the best mannered students in the future. That way I get to realise how hard it was for my teachers to handle students like me.

If I can I would fast forward my life to age 30. A stable job, a loving wife and a probably a kid by then. But what do I know. Most people who are already working want to go back to their university days. Yet, here I am wishing to be working already. Liat saja nanti. I bet I'd be crying to myself: cubatah ada remote control macam arah cerita Click so I can rewind my life!

Anyway, I was just reading my previous post and I just realised how disgusting I sounded. I am sorry for that. Baru ku sadar how barigali that post sounded.

Oh yeah, my stupid diet. It's gone okay so far. I eat a variety of 'healthy' food now, not just the stupid cereals. I don't want to talk about my progress, because if I do, I will probably jinx it and the next thing I know, I would probably end up looking like a sumo. Now we don't want that, do we?


D said...

ohooo.. UBDians are going to be pissseeddd!!!!

Support UBD. UBD ftw!

the UK graduate.

Jirin said...

Brudirect comments

Her deleted blog

D said...

Thanks Jirin for the link.

In some way, I sort of felt sorry for her. She was rambling her thoughts out and being torn apart because of it.

But I tend to honestly disagree with her when she said that she felt so malu to go to UBD. I would like to take my masters again in UBD.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jirin~

I read her deleted blog frm somewhere and mayyn~ doesn't it spell "IMMATURE" with capital letters. Atu bannarrr~ baru ia inda bepikir sebelum becakap (in this case, memblog)...kan mengambil psychology kunun...hahaha~ makes me LoL!

Psychologically spaking, (hahah penyeluru!)yang banarnya, UBD kah UNISSA kah, Uni di UK kah, States kah, US kah, she just wants to be free from her parents! Kalau di UBD nda belaku "independent" cause she still has to live with her parents...hahah...cause, if her true intention is to learn and study (for the sake of interest in the field that she's applying for), she couldn't care less di mana pun ia belajar, pasal by the end of the of the day, you get the satisfaction of having done a course that you are interested in.

Anyway Jirin, keep up wth the diet and stay funneh! ;) Aku pun diet cereal ni heheh...

Senor Pablo said...

cheecha.... please don't stop blogging even u bercucu or bejanggut...huhuhuuuu

Kitty said...

so IMMATURE eh that girl.

i think she's been banned now from going into UBD and even from getting the govt. scholarship! HAHAHA!

*kejahatan aku ah*

Jirin said...

D, hi. no worries :)

anonymous, hello!
yeah its still education walaupun di UBD kah di UK kah di Limbang kah di Miri kah di mana kah di mana kah... ooh thanks. good luck to you too!!

hahahah insya Allah inda ku beranti blogging, uncle pablo.

hi mal.
tell me about it! hahaha awu most probably inda ia dapat anything hhahaha

Mamalobengs said...

Jirin, jantah stop blogging.. who EFFING cares! There are layers to people bah.. if people don't understand artinya its their problem!! *akuah EMO jua*.. plus, we can't please everybody kan lai!!
TAMPAR saja semua pakai selipar gatah!!! hahahah.. ganas!! Owell, I will be back!!

Mamalobengs said...

You know what lai, I figured what you are to me.. you are my 'Nephew-in-law TO BE or NOT TO BE'!!! hahahahah.. sorry aku hyper bagas minum red bull kan bekunyanyang nganya ku ni!! layan saja ah!! lol

Jirin said...

Ka najwa, baru ku sadar kita leave a comment under this post. hahhahahahahaha and you are my bushu to be or not to be! hahahahhahaa awu tatap layan ni bossss hehehe

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