Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Lamb Doner

The plan was to not update until someone comments or tags 'I am interested' to the previous post. Hahaha! After a week barutah someone comments under the post that she's interested. Nice, she's just a year older than me. You are a female, right? Please tell me you are a female. Because if you aren't, I'm going to cry my eyes out now, seriously.

I joke, I joke. I have just been busy; what with the diet, school, et cetera et cetera. Haha, luan jua tu ah busy pasal diet. In fact, masa diet ani banyak pulang masa lapang perasanku. I used to eat when I'm bored, so now, when I'm bored, I'm just bored. No food to binge on. Boring.

Yesterday, I was good, diet wise. I could stand it. I had cereal for breakfast, more cereal for lunch and finally for dinner I had spinach soup. Yay, kanyang. I only had rabbit food, and kanyang. Alhamdulillah. (Rabbit food is vegetable, according to Afiifah!)

Around an hour after dinner, which was around 8.30pm, all of a sudden, a mental image of satay came into mind. Not just any satay, it was SATAY URAT. I swear, I was almost in tears. Mana ada satay di Canterbury. Kalau ada pun satay di UK ani, mahal kali ah. Like in London, arah Satay House (owned by some Malaysian), harga secucuk satay is sepaun. Crazy! Baru ia namanya gila harta. Baik talan duit paun ah.

I did everything I could. I made myself busy. Anything to get rid of the satay that's in my mind. I was good, for a couple of minutes. Eh kalau nada satay, daging pun jadi lah. I needed meat so badly. I was craving like bini-bini betian. In fact, kalah bini-bini betian. Inda ku tahan lagi. I couldn't resist. So, I went out to buy Lamb Kebab.

This was the whole Kit-Kat incident all over again. Self control? Screw self control. Hey, at least I walked to the kebab place to buy it. So don't facking judge me. It is my facking body. Haha, mental-much.

That was really disappointing. Lapas ku makan kebab atu, muak kan muntah saja rasaku. Kan kuyak saja inda parut ku kekanyangan. Iatah namanya nafsu tu. Basar awa.

Syubs, Jepp and Wei, thanks for calling me up tadi. That cheered me up a a little. It's nice to be reminded how great friends you guys are. Errr, gay. Mati, rindu ku chill sama kamu. Haha, we'll rock Brunei in summer. Oh, like you requested, I shall post pictures esuk. Promise.


Anonymous said...

Salam Jirin! I have satay recipe. masak sate is very the simple. I mean sate goreng lah saja...pyh kali ah kan bbq d UK ani... neways if u want just tell me. but to make the kuah...bnyak sikit kan d buat. hehe! well dtg ke belfast if u want! bawa c rabz! :D she knows who i am!

Tina said...

This reminds me of the week where I lost 3kgs, and then suddenly, another week, I was craving for Italian late in the night and ate a hell of a lot. It disappointed me berabis, and I knew it was going to bite me in the ass.

And bit me, it did. I gained back 2kgs.

Hahahaha. Andangnya, Jirin, cubaan. ;)

Jirin said...

Wa'alaikumussalam. BAHHH I WANT THE RECIPE!!! Jauh wah Belfast huhuhu London sudah ku jarang heheheh!

hahaha awu tell me about it, the cubaan. hahha apa boleh buat. sabar saja~ hehehehe