Monday, 18 February 2008

Target change?

Do you know what I get a lot of? I don't get a lot of girls who like me, but I get a lot of parents who like me to hook up with their daughters. If not parents, siblings or aunties or uncles of the subject. I'm sorry, don't mind the cockiness; hey, it's the only thing I can be proud of. I can't afford to be modest, so why bother.

If I was born in the early 1900s where parents were still in charge of looking for their children's life partners, I guess I'd be married by the age of 18 already! Most eligible menantu kali ah. But wake up you dumb wit, it's not 1908, it's 2008.

Maybe we can have a new reality tv show. I don't know, maybe we can call it 'Brunei's Next Top Menantu', or 'Menantu Impian' or something like that. Kalau ada, tell me. I haven't won anything in a very long time.

The thing is, our parents don't do that anymore. Parents' responsibilities has evolved over the years. They don't have to make the search for us. We do the search on our own. All they have to do now is to observe the subject. They either agree or disagree. If they disagree, perhaps more time would change their mind. If they agree, we're all set; get the calendar and lets find a perfect date for the wedding.

We have this family friend who is a very successful business woman. We call her Nyunyah. That's actually 'Nyonya' but we Bruneians like to butch the standard way of pronouncing words. Anyway, she once said to me that she'd like me to be her menantu. But all her kids were already married. She said, maybe her cucu perhaps? Sekali ku liat cucu-cucu nya ani masih lagi menyusu, masih lagi pakai baju Kiko. Bedamitan! Sorry, I'm no Michael Jackson.

Maybe pasal aku ani ketuahan sedikit. Antah nyamo. So, I'm thinking; maybe I should go for older women. Like five to ten years older than me. To those single 30-year-olds, I am now in your market. So, promise me you will consider it.

I'm kidding. Eksen ku. Hey, I'm no Ashton Kutcher either!


Be'ah said...

hahahahah good post. but i believe some parents still do look out for their kids' spouses. especially when they're in their 30s and still single. parents nowadays dont get the whole 'live out ur bujang life thing'.

but on another note, if u had to make a choice

do a micheal or an ashton? =p


and congratulations on losing 4 kilos! yes ppl


Anonymous said...

you lost 4 kilos?! damn! i am so jealous! i'll be d only minyak ikan victim left who's still fat then! hehehe. where's your loyalty! hahaha. i'm kidding! congratulations! good for u.

soon adatah kana bubut bini2 ni. pakal saja ko younger klau inda ku snatch ni. hahaha. im kidding!

bah keep up the good work in losing weight :) how did you manage tho? need all the tips i can get. need to lose weight!

Anonymous said...

She said, maybe her cucu perhaps? Sekali ku liat cucu-cucu nya ani masih lagi menyusu, masih lagi pakai baju Kiko. Bedamitan!

rofl rofl!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on losing 4kg Jirin ;)

Makin tah naik saham mu ni karangggg~

Mamalobengs said...

Sorry lai, I AM MARRIED sudah!! huhuhu..

Jirin said...

Hahhahahahahah tau tia orangg!!! JINX Ni jinx!! hahahahhahahahhaha

hi! errr tips? i eat fibre cereals and for lunch i have more cereals and malam i have vege soup. i think... tapi... 4 kilos.. err inda g batah naik balik niii banar!!! hhahaaah

hahahhahaa awu banar... baju kiko wah masih!! damit jua masih tuuu!!

errrr thanksss.. naik saham? hahaha tekaranggg!!

I THOUGHT I WAS SUBTLE!!!!!!!!! *malu,merah mua tarus*

Mamalobengs said...

Awwww!! hahahah!! SUBTLE tia karang!! lol!! But its sweet of you to think of me though..*blush* ;)

random fan said...

Bah Jirin lakastah i'm interested! ..i'm just 1 yr older nie..hehehe

Update your blog!! Cam lama sudah sunyi;D