Saturday, 9 February 2008

Aku diet!

I know by now you all may be sanak sudah ni pasal aku malar sudah cakap pasal my weight issues. After my last post about me talking about my weight, I still get people telling me I am not big. Inda tia paham-paham kali kamu ani. I need you to tell me I'm big!

I just want to say that I'm currently on a cereal diet. Breakfast makan cereal, lunch makan cereal, dinner makan cereal and snacks pun cereal. It's not just any cereal, it's fruits and fiber cereal.

It's been three days. Alum jua mau kurus. Tapi I have been farting like crazy. Cubatah sekali bekantut ani keluar lamak. You know, lamak but in the form of gas. When you fart sometimes you don't mind your own fart kan? But, lately, I have been farting a lot sampai sanak rasa ku, benafas pun payah. Lamas rasa ku bau kantut saja. I WANT FRESH AIR IN MY ROOM; which is impossible considering that I fart every other minute dua tiga hari ani. TOLONG!

When you eat you're fulfilling your nafsu and your parut. You eat to please your appetite and your stomach. For the past three days I have been eating just for the sake of eating. I'd be full, but I'd be craving for something yummy at the same time.

Exercise? I walk everyday so that's counted as exercise. I can't afford the gym. Jogging di luar would be suicide. Pasal sajuk.


(Screw my cereal diet, I am now eating spinach soup for a little change. How sad is that.)


the lazy turtle said...

Jirinnnn! heee.. u know how u can avoid the whole too much farting thing? Don't eat so much fiber skali gus. If you do it progressively instead of mengajut, ur body will adapt to your diet.

Hope that helps :)

ps. i missy wissy youse. hehe

Jirin said...

MANZZ!!! Thanks for that. it does help, tahnks once again!

I missy wissy youse touseee!!!!!!