Friday, 4 January 2008

Talk about self control

You know, yesterday I wasn't in my best mood. You may ask why. Why? Pasal apa nah? Pasal almari ku rubuh. In other words, my wardrobe kinda went gaga on me.

Like, stress jua ku tu? So all my stuff was all over the floor. The rail in my almari is tebuka and all my baju pun gugur. Apparently, like me, my clothes pun barat, that's why the railing atu tebuka. I was just going to leave the house, sekali rubuh tia almari ku ah. But I left anyway. Malas ku ingau. Malas ku kan mengusai dulu.

Just before I left, I have just realised that a hanger was hanging arah the side of my jacket, it must've fallen out ouf the almari and goot hooked on to my jacket. Mental ku berabis; ku umbankan wah hanger ah. I think I heard something else fall after that, but I couldn't be bothered to check what it was. I didn't bother to clean up the mess up until this morning. So yeah, for almost 24 hours, my room looked like it has been robbed.

Stupid almari murahan sial.

Haha, but I'm cool, now, for sure. Well, not exactly. School starts tomorrow, well of course I'm grumpy. Chill, Jirin, it's a new year. Think positively. School will not be as bad as you think it will me.

Earlier today, I went to Tesco to buy some bread and spinach. I had already grabbed a few Kit Kat bars and had placed it in the Tesco basket. I walked away from the chocolate section and then I thought - hey, maybe I shouldn't eat chocolate. So I returned it back. Bangga with myself, I was. Woohoo. I overpowered self control!

I got home around four-ish. I had dinner a bit later. I had Chili tuna (God bless Ayam Brand Tuna) with rice, along with some spinach. I finished the last grain of rice on my plate, then I had a bottle of Yazoo banana milk shake.

About an hour later, apanah?

I found myself munching on two Kit Kat bars; I don't even know how I got them.

Apparently, according to my house mates, after dinner, I went to the kedai runcit nearby to buy Kit Kat bars. My house mates told me they saw me go out, and apparently, I even told them I was going out to buy some chocolates. I swear, inda ku sadar. Chett! Bahaya jua tu. Baik jua chocolate saja.

Tsk tsk tsk!

(Haha, labih.)


D said...

Hahahaha. bet you were chocolate-shopping-walking. Inda sadar.

Baik inda bali in bulk :P

Mali said...

omg..haha..brijap jua..u can do that? buy chocs and not realising it? maybe u sleep walking kali during..kidding..hehe..jirin..jirin..oh, hi btw..hhheheh

Jirin said...

if aku bali in bulk lagi ku happy! hahahha :p

hi! hahaha atu kes aku inda mengakun aku nda dapat tahan wah tu sebenarnya ahahhha

mun banar wah berijap tu bnr eh. hahaha