Thursday, 31 January 2008

Study Strong Strong

This is going to be a depressing post. You have been warned. Haha.

It's almost 4AM and I have not slept yet. I'm currently trying to finish up my proposal for my two projects and essay. Why is it the only times that I blog are the times that I need time really badly? Screw it. Inda batah ni. Sekajap saja.

Last year I had a hard time adapting to live here in the UK. I was struggling in handling bills et cetera. But academically, I was doing fine. This year, it is the opposite. Now, I am financially okay but I am not satisfied with my academic performance so far. It's either one. You either struggle with having to live independently, or to struggle academically. The less fortunate students would suffer in both areas.

I wish I can go back to last year. I now do not mind having to struggle financially. That way I get reminded every time of my responsibility for being here; that is to study. Sure I wished that our allowance could be raised. But after having all these thoughts, I realise that having spare money don't exactly help me. It may. But at the same time, it is a disaster in disguise.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the course does get tougher as I go further along the journey. But what explains my aggravating laziness? Learn from this, Jirin.

This is so depressing! Sidak-sidak ku menangis menulis post ani. Tapi eksen ku. Mun banar wah, emosi banget!

Namanya dugaan nyamu. Inda Tuhan kan membari semua sanang di dunia ani. Apa bulih buat. At the end of the day, mesti jua pajal diri untuk sadar segala kelemahan. Ingat pasan indung: belajar kuat-kuat. In other words, study strong-strong!

Esok pagi, when I wake up, berkat hari Jumaat Insya Allah, I want to have a fresher attitude. Also, when I wake up, I want to find myself kurus sedikit. Hahaha, baru ia wishful thinking.

Cheers. Wassalam.


Afiif said...

Hi JayRayn!

Nothing worth having comes easy, nya urang. :D sabar.. andangnya tu, we're all in the same boat. ganya aku captain ha-ha. lameeeeeeeeeeeee.. but it's ok to be laaaaaaaaaaaamee :P

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