Tuesday, 8 January 2008

A kwik one

January 7th; I dreaded this day to come. Simply because it is the first day of term. I wanted a longer holiday. I was not ready for school. However, my first day turned to be OK, not bad at all. Sure I was given new projects, but this term the projects given are much more interesting than last term; by a mile. So I'm quite excited about that.

It's a new term. The moment I went into class bilang orang berubah style rambut, warna rambut, betindik sana-sini, segala. You know what else I noticed? At least three of my course mates makin berisi, like drastically yo. At that very moment, I swear, this song I embedded below came booming by my ear.

I'm kidding, that was just in my imagination. Ingat filem hindustan? Tarus-tarus ada lagu? Hahaha. So yeah, I am not alone. Ada jua orang dalam class ku yang makin labu.

I'm going to eat now. I think I'm just going to eat talur dadar, nasi and sayur bayam. Bah, belagur sudah parut ku kelaparan ni.


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