Friday, 18 January 2008

Canterbury, Kent

Kamu tau apa? Kurus otak ku memikirkan apa ku blog kan ah. Banar. Nada inspiration. But someone named Nadia left a message on my tag board requesting me to share information on how Kent is.

I love it here in Kent, in Canterbury specifically. Kent is a big county. Canterbury is just one of the towns it comprises of. Canterbury is where I study and live. It's quite peaceful here. Macam kampong, but inda jua kampong banar.

I don't go to The University of Kent, but I can say that it's great. It's lawa; great studying environment. It's on top of a hill, and it has an amazing view of the town from the hill. That's all I can say about the university. If you have any questions, you can mail me and I can direct your questions to my friends who go to the Kent University.

I would dare say that any place you'd want to go is within walking distance. Otherwise you can always use the bus. Pakai taxi pun boleh jua (kalau kan mau mati kelaparan).

I am not going to lie to you but rent is quite expensive here. Kurus wah badan oleh nya, tapi inda jua membari mati mahal nya. Dapat jua hidup. I think the cheapest you can get would be around 275 pounds per month; excluding bills. As for bills, there are the water, gas, electric, sewerage disposal and broadband internet bills to take care of. Yes, there's a sewerage disposal bill. It covers the cost of disposing every single drop of water that comes out of the water tap. From what I know, in other parts of the UK, you don't have to deal with sewerage disposal bills. Di Kent ani saja luan labih. Gila harta.

There's a couple of halal restaurants here. Inda pulang banyak, but malas tah kan ku komplen; namanya bukan negeri Islam. Reminder to self: jangan amalkan makan di luar; selagi ada yang dapat di masak, baik tah memasak. Di UK ani, sekali makan di luar paling murah tah keluar 5 paun. Lima belas ringgit wah tu. Lima belas galas teh tarik wah tu! Lima belas bungkus nasi katok wah tu!

The Bruneians here are great. So you will be with good company, I can promise you that.

I have never gone clubbing, so I can't tell you how night life is here in Canterbury. To be honest, it is quite sunyi pulang malam-malam. Except for the weekend nights, bejurit tu orang putih mabuk di town ah.

Most of us go grocery shopping at Tesco or Asda. Everything is quite reasonably priced, I think. Kalau kan mencari bala, silakan tah membuat grocery shopping di Marks and Spencer. Ayam and kambing halal ada di Asda. Although daging kerabau payah kan belurih sebenarnya. Iatah aku masa ani deprived daging kerabau. Antah nyamu, inda durang pandai kali menyembalih kerabau di sini ani.

Pokok pangkalnya, suka ku tinggal di Canterbury ani. Very much recommended! Any questions, email me at yeah?


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