Thursday, 6 December 2007

Portable heater

I have just purchased a portable heater for my room, and I will never feel cold ever again. This heater, in my small room, panas berabis. If you step into my room, you will notice the climate change. Panas berabis wah bilik ku ah, banar. Abis pacah segala lamak! Hehe it's like a sauna in there. Air sajuk pun jadi air suam ani wah.

Sebenarnya aku bali heater atu bukannya pasal sajuk. Like I said kan, payah kan karingkan baju di UK ani. So I did my laundry tadi and it worked like magic. Karing wah baju after a few seconds. Kan angus saja inda.

God bless Argos! Mudahan tah ko masuk Islam.

But it is freaking cold. British weather, aaaah don't get me started on British weather. When it gets too cold, I shall blog about it nanti. Give it a few weeks. Sajuk berabis ni macam inda bedusa-dusa. I shouldn't complain, really. Macam tah kuasa kerajaan British weather sini ani, kuasa Tuhan kali ah. Baik bawa beastagapar. Andangnya ni orang Brunei ani; susah komplen; sanang pun komplen jua. Panas salah. Sajuk salah.

I already have a built-in heater in the room, but the landlord is so karit, he made the heater knob fixed; so it is only panas sedikit saja. Stupid landlord. Oh I'm not going to start again. Cukup tah ku menyumpah my landlady perempuan gila in my last few posts. So, peace. Semoga kau panjang umur, murah rezeki and masuk Islam. Haha semua jua orang kan ku pajal masuk Islam ani eh! Hehe!

I went to London for the weekend. Needless to say why, because every single Bruneian here in the UK went to London for the same reason I did. It was fun. I got to meet friends I haven't seen for so long, and I also met new people. It was great. I've uploaded my pictures on my facebook! Click here.

After Sunday, I have noticed that most of the Bruneians on Facebook generally became happier. I WONDER WHY!

Speaking of Bruneians, I saw this in an office in Brunei I can't exactly recall where.


Ruzanna Abdullah said...

1. Which heater did you buy? minta code nya :p i need to get one too! My heater's crap! Hall baru konon, baru 3 years konon... tapi mati kali sajuk nyaaa!

2. THAT SIGN! Serious kah? Ohmygod, that's so Bruneian! You should've checked bawah meja nya for another one that says "... pukul 3.00 hingga pukul 3.30 setiap petang ..."

Jirin said...

Hahaha i will get back to you on that one. (abt the heater)

about the sign, yes I swear I saw exactly the same words. but i didn't take a picture of it. This is just a mock-up of it from memory! hehehe

Lyne said...

Lol at the sign. Such typical Bruneian move.