Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Hate Mail

I received an anonymous email today.

"You know how some people pretend to be like bimbos just because they think it's cute? Well, Jirin, you're like that. I'm not saying you're like a bimbo, but you keep on posting these posts where you over-react over small things; thinking that people will think it's funny. It's not, and it's getting old. I don't think you're original. You try to be funny in each post and I can't help but be sad for you."

Ouch. (It wasn't exactly like that though, I had to put in some punctuations and correct some spellings.)

I dare share that email with everyone because this blog is not about humour after all. I emphasis on exaggerating things NOT because I want to be funny. I want to bring the message across. So I say something that's really 'over' or 'too much', then it is up to you to think whether it is realistic or not.

However, I do admit, I like to make people laugh and I myself like to laugh. If I can't make people laugh, then, inda apa. I can't exactly pajal and tell people - 'Ketawa! Ketawa wah baie, ketawa! Ku cangak kau karang, ketawa wah gila!'

I might have said that I was so tired that I slept for two whole weeks; what I really meant was that I was really tired and I have slept a little longer than usual. You know, when people say 'it's raining cats and dogs', they don't literally mean hujan kucing and hujan anjing. Mun cematu baik tah hujan ayam tarus, hujan kerabau. Jangan inda alang-alang. Tampat ku di sini ani payah kan beunjar segala ayam daging ni.

When people say sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit, they don't mean jadi bukit like Bukit Shanbandar, inda, they don't mean that. When people say they want to go out pakai kaki ayam, they don't mean to use chicken feet to stand on and walk around, inda. Cuba kau fikir, possible kah to stand on batis ayam? Inda kan? Unless kaki ayam mu atu basar macam kaki si Micheal Jordan. Ayam mu ganya tu basar cematu; ayam kana injik steroid. Atau ayam basar yang ampai-ampai di Kampong Tungku atu. Haha!

Speaking of ayam, I have a friend here in Kent who loves to eat ayam so much; she has to eat ayam everyday. She loves chicken stock as well. I've been to her house; I swear, tepelanting ku meliat almari di dapur nya. I have never seen that many bottles of chicken stock in my life, ever. Kalah kadai, I tell you. God knows what she does with it. I guess she eats everything with it. Maybe ia minum kopi pun campur chicken stok jua kali? But I admit, stok pati ayam does make food tasty. Tapi awas, inda bagus tu; banyak Ajinomoto. No names mentioned though, you know who you are. I'm sorry I had to share that information here. Peace!

Anyway, thank you anonymous for that email. Sadar ku jua ada orang sakit hati membaca posts ku. Awu lurus tu kau atu, ketani sebagai manusia ani mesti tagur-menagur kalau ada yang salah. Kau tagur aku, aku tagur kau balik. Ko tampar aku, ku tampar kau balik. That's how life works kan? Haha. Honestly, I am not too bothered really. This is me being 'too much'.

I told one of my friends about this and she said that it probably was Anita Sarawak who emailed me. I vow to not talk about Anita Sarawak anymore because another friend of mine told me that it's GETTING OLD (to talk about her). Pun intended. Haha. Okay, okay, it's FINAL. No more about Miss Youth, I promise.

Ironically, this is my 200th post since I started blogging in August 2005. I got to know people I never knew through this blog. It's great; it's something I will never trade with anything. Not even with a box of Indomee. Not now at least, I still have lots. Hahaha.

Happy birthday to one of my best friends: Najib Adib @ Jepp. May Allah bless you with happiness. Thanks for always being there for me. You are the best.

Good night, people. Goodbye. Forever. (Just kidding!)


softeyes said...

assalamualaikum, jirin

what the...?? I seriously had a good laugh reading your post yg terbaru ani.
(its always been that way plg with most of your posts). I dont share the same sentiment with what that fella is having..Actually, I happen to like your posts and its genuinely you.

Dont be bothered la, i 'm pretty sure u are not anyways,minta maaf saja kalau he/she is distrubed by your hummor. jantah di baca lagi ja..simple as that.

I'd say u rawk..have a good week ahead...:)

p/s :indomee campur ramis sdah u cuba jirin? lagi nyaman.

Milk Tea said...

alright man..ive been ur silent reader u all the way bro...ignore the IDIOT

Lina said...

I know what it feels like to have a hate mail. Sorta... Well, mine wasn't exactly a hate mail, but someone insulting me something that I'm not..exactly.

Racist. *gasp* Haha. Apakan.

But anyhow, yours beat mine. And don't even think about it. He/She/It's not even worth it.

D said...

'Ketawa! Ketawa wah baie, ketawa! Ku cangak kau karang, ketawa wah gila!'

I dont care what anon said about you Jir. You are FUNNY! Perhaps its the exaggeration, or just the description of your thoughts. I always quote your words in any of my postings.

Your blog is about Entertaining People and thats what makes a blog special.

Ignore him/her/it.

Jirin said...

Wa'alaikumussalam Sofi.
Thank you for the comment! Ohh I never tried Indomee with Ramis. Will try it soon! =)

Milk Tea,
thanks dude, for the comment, and thanks also for reading heheh

ohh really? see sanggup wah these people email ketani. hehheeh!

thankss for the comment. really appreciate it =)

Jannah said...

Assalamualaikum Jirin,

hey I couldn't help noticing your post about the hate-mail from the app on my facebook account. Don't worry, people are just jealous sometimes because you are more likely to make people laugh and be happy than many of the other people I know.

People usually just send hate-mail because they have nothing better to do and well; in some cases, they really like you- because they actually care to read your posts. So chin up Jirin!

p.s. the person who sent you the bogus hatemail might not have the same intentions as I've put up here but I'm just speaking about hatemail in general. I know how it feels. *yikes*

Senor Pablo said...

salam aidil adha to you too lai! Siapa mangsa korban mu tahun ani?? hahahaa. apakan... Just ignore the mail.. irrelevant indeed! Your blog rocks and I enjoy every post. Keep it kambing!! Eh.. I mean.. coming!! hahaha

Jirin said...

I havent realised that you've left a comment on this post up til tadi. Thanks a bunch!!! Happy new year!!

heyyy mr pablo, happy new year to you. haha thanks pablo for the comment. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Anonymous said...
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