Thursday, 15 November 2007

Sekadar wah sekadar

It was a Wednesday morning. Class starts at 10AM; and I usually wake up two hours before that; so that I'll have time to shower, get dressed and melalai di rumah. As I was getting dressed, there's always that question: pakai baju apa ah? Eh, pakai baju dari primark saja eh. It's just school, bahapa kan stylo-milo, right?

So I wore a shirt, a primark sweater over it and a jacket. Even though I was all ready since 9AM, linggang-linggang ku lagi di rumah ah. Buat itu, buat ini. The next thing I knew, I was late for school.

I arrived in class at around 10 past 10. The moment I went into class, aku bangang. Everyone saw me. I stopped at the door. Kenapa nah? One of my coursemates punya sweater sama dengan aku punya. It was exactly the same one. Baik jua aku pakai jacket and I had my scarf covering my sweater. At that point I was still at the door while my course mates were bangang meliat muka ku bangang. I quickly said good morning and ke jamban ku tarus.

Haha in the toilet I took off the sweater and I swear I was that close to flushing the sweater down the toilet. But I didn't, because sayang ku. Stupid Primark! I am never wearing Primark clothes to school again. Aku bawa tidur saja. In fact, I am wearing the Primark sweater right now to sleep. I may look overdressed, but who cares. Siapa jua kan meliat aku tidur ah?

Sekadar eh. Baru ia namanya SEKADAR. Pasal sama baju pun over-reacting. It's me, I over-react. Kalau ku teliat kucing beria pun ku emosi. Now that's random. But yeah what I'm trying to say is, aku andangnya.



softeyes said...

Thats news..membari watir jua org puts ani! Hehe..dramatic lah u man! Luff it! Anyways, I may be going to Mid Kent mudah2an kana terima. Pray for me Jirin :)

Its a nice new logo u got there, a refreshing new look for your blog!

have a gud day Jirin..see u around or online..:)

Jirin said...

amin ya rabbal al amin! will do. hope you dapat!!

haha didnt do anything much, tukar colour saja. hehe.. yes, will see you online soon.

hey you've added me on facebook! coool! hehe

D said...

"Kalau ku teliat kucing beria pun ku emosi."

Same same! It might the funniest thing on earth! hahahahahahaa...

Emosi kah? Hey man, perhaps its that time of the month? hehehehe..

Jirin said...

awu datang bulan, period, kana timbak. bini-bini serumah ku datang bulan, durang mental aku pun ikut mental. Durang bekusut aku pun ikut mental. hehehehe