Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Namaste kepala utak mu

I saw American Gangster a few nights ago. I liked it, but I think the movie is a bit too long and a little slow at first. I liked the second half of the movie. I was falling asleep during the first 30 minutes! But overall, it's a good movie.

On my way to the cinema, aku kena tagur by this homeless person. He said, 'Hi, Namaste!'. Then, I was rather bangang. Sekali he asked me whether I was Nepalese or not. Ada usul kah aku macam Nepal?

Never have I even been mistaken for a Nepalese. Chinese, pernah. Filipino, pernah. Indon, pun pernah. Tapi Gurkha? No pernah, no pernah! Baru tu bui.

I have been mistaken to be a Chinese a couple of times. But whenever I look into the mirror, inda jua bah. Macam melayu jua masih.

Woman: *Speaks Chinese*
Me: Err, sorry, I am not Chinese.
Woman: *Speaks Chinese*
Me: Majal jua kau dang? (Dalam hati.)
Me: I'm not Chinese. (I had to use sign language to emphasise on 'not')
Woman: *speaks Chinese while walks away*

That was at Sungei Wang in KL. Haha, that was not the only time though. I don't know, pikirnya ia kali ganya bekulit kuning langsat ani. Hello. The rest of Southeast Asia pun kuning langsat kulit kami kali ah.

I am not complaining, I just find it funny actually! Cara ku becerita atu saja mental bunyi nya. Hehehe!

I can never update my blog daily. I can, but then it would go along the lines of...

So today I woke up at 8AM. I got out of bed and showered right after that. In the toilet, I decided to brush my teeth first. Then, I thought to myself, do I need to shampoo today? I did. I shampooed my hair. As I got out of toilet, I passed my the kitchen. There was no one there though. I made my way to my room. In my room, I got dressed. Yada yada yada.

You get what I mean? I wouldn't actually write every little detail but sometimes, when I don't have anything to talk about, I tend to tell you how my day went.

Like at this moment, I don't know what I can talk about. I do have lots to talk about, but nothing that's worth putting on the internet. Like at this very moment, I am sitting down on my chair, looking around my room, wondering what I can talk about. It's funny how I to look at every single item in my room to look for inspiration.

Liat jam. Indakan ku blog pasal jam kan?
Liat almari. Indakan ku blog pasal almari kan?
Liat carpet. Apa kan ku cerita kan pasal carpet ah?

I'll stop here before I eventually start talking about the clock, the cupboard or the carpet.

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