Friday, 9 November 2007

Juicy story, literally

I haven't updated in a while now. I have been trying but then every time I do, something personal comes out. Now, that's not good. Banar, sampai menangis-nangis karang kamu semua membaca. You know how over-dramatic I can get. Haha, but bear with me. This post will not be about anything personal. Well, not entirely, at least.

Thanks Wi for coming. Datang lagi December Wi!
Lets talk about school. I am currently doing a group project. It is kind of hard sometimes, but yeah it's OK. I am too lazy to describe what my current project is. Here in school, I find it really hard to communicate with these orang putehs. I can speak english, I can understand them, but I don't know, there's seems to be some barrier.

Our open house!
Imagine this: a typical human being speaks around 15000 words a day, on average. That's for a typical human being, I'm no typical human being. I am an atypical human being. By atypical, I mean I speak more than an average human being. Like on this blog, in real life, I would always have something to say, talk or go mental about. However, on a college day, I think I only speak around 1000 words a day? That's how quiet I am in school. If I don't have class, and when I'm with my fellow Bruneians, that's when I catch up with 'my number of words'. Haha am I making sense?

Silau dude.
You know, there's this juice we found in Tesco, and it, to me, is the best juice ever. I mean seriously. But then again, macam kata cikgu Bahasa Melayu ku, "Rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain". By that I mean, I may like the juice, but other people may not. Tapi do try the juice!

You can find this juice di Tesco kah. Di Asda kah. Ada ni. Pecaya lah. Nyaman. Ilang stress minum. Kalau ku introduce arah orang puteh wah ni, mana durang beguna bir ni. Banar. Inda ku tau ah if you can find it in Brunei. Mun nada, suruh si Supa Save mengudar. Si Jirin menyuruh ja.

To justify my prevous post, I'm fine. Jangantah kamu kan gaplah. Haha! Siapa paham apa erti 'GAPLAH' angkat tangan!



Quirky said...

I know what you mean! Payah nyamo kan bercommunicate with the orang putehs. *sigh* Btw will try that juice ;)

Jirin said...

ahhaha tell me about it. okies, do try it! hehe