Friday, 26 October 2007

Wintertime laundry

My laundry is starting to pile up each day. It's not that I am lazy to do it, it's just that it takes yonks for them to dry in this country. For one thing, I do not have a tumble dryer. I can't exactly hang my laundry outside the house either. I am running out of clothes to wear; and also running out of cash to spend. Haha.

My stupid landlord ani pun karit banar tah jua. Cubatah bagi tumble dryer. Orang puteh saja, inda berakal banar ia ani. I mean, siapa lagi experience tinggal di UK ani? Aku kah ia? He's the English one so he should know if clothes mau karing kah inda mun di jamur di luar. Mun aku orang puteh wah, sadar ku kali ah pakaian inda mau karing kalau kana jamur di luar especially time winter ani. There's no use for me to say it here, but has always been the place where I usually go mental about anything, so bear with me.

The other day aku bawa kelayi my landlord's assistant. That sounds so gay. Let me rephrase that - the other day I kinda went mental with my landlord's assistant. She promised me a microwave five weeks ago. This was how the phone conversation went...

Me: Hello, I would like to make a few complaints.
PG: What is it?
Me: Five weeks ago you promised a microwave to come a week after I called you, five weeks ago! Now I don't know if five weeks feels just like a week to you?
PG: I am terribly sorry. Can I have your phone number please?

(Oh, PG DOES NOT stand for Pamela Gibbons or Patricia Garrison, it stands for Perempuan Gila.)

Then I gave her my phone number, talking in a very fast pace. Only to be replied, "There is no point going really fast. I can't understand you."

Hahaha, kana balasi eh. Ilang jua mood ku kan marah tu? I'm like ku tampar kau karang dang, pakal saja kau dalam telipun. Dalam hati pulang tu. Inda sampai ati ku becakap pasal suaranya lawa bunyinya. Hahaha. Anyway, the microwave came the next day tarus. See, if I didn't go mental at the lady, it would probably take another five weeks for the microwave to come.

Now I think I can dry my laundry dalam microwave. Imagine if I really did. I no stupid! Tapi jangan jua... mun aku desperate wah...


Wangs said...

"tampar kau karang dang.." hahaha atu mental!

Jirin said...

Hahahaha hi wangs!!!

un6 said...

I usually dry my clothes indoors. Lagi panas dari di luar. :P

Dapan oven kah, dapan heater kah.

Or better yet, pinjam a friend's tumble dryer. Bayar ia 2 pounds to use the dryer per day. XD

Buleh bisnes tu ur friend yg ada dryer atu. Hehehe.

Jirin said...

hi umi. hehe baru sedar that u left a comment here. hahahhaha awu banar jua ah. heheh

its cold!!!!