Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Mister Sneezealot 2

Here I want to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday! All of you who sent me texts, through Friendster and Facebook, those who left comments beneath the previous post and at the tag board: THANK YOU. A special dedication to the ex-MS Choir members for the great time at the beach, I really enjoyed it, love you people!

Anyway, I went on air for that radio show I mentioned before, Kafe923. I appeared as a guest, the topic for the night was about how expensive Brunei weddings are and also about 'Queen Control'. The show is really fun, do tune in!

I am definitely feeling better. But like I said, it goes and comes back every time I sneeze. Nyeh, but it's all good. Inda jua membari mati wah luan banyak berasin ani ah? I guess it's normal, like for example, a guy who smokes a lot would be called 'the guy who smokes a lot'. As for me, I would be called 'the guy who sneezes a lot'. I am coming to acceptance that I am the guy who sneezes like a dog barks, berijap basarnya. After all berkat jua kan berasin ani?

So I went to see a doctor today, the doctor gave me some prescriptions which include a nose spray, ubat selesma and of course, ubat kegemaran ramai, ubat wajib, ubat keramat Negara Brunei Darussalam: Panadol. Inda lagi batah kana galar ni pembuat Panadol ah, kana bagi Pehin. Berjasa kali ah!

I did a little research on why people sneeze, and I found an interesting answer. Sneezing is a way for the human body to get rid of bad things in the nose. By 'bad things' it means germs, bacteria and other things. Other things being segala setan and iblis perhaps? Anyway, boleh taruh Dettol dalam idung kah? Hahaha may sound stupid a question, hehe!

Most of you must have received a forwarded email regarding sneezing before. That particular email had claimed that your heart stops every time you sneeze and that is why we have to say Alhamdulillah. That is some false fact there. Your heart never stops lah. I think when your heart stops, you die. Nada lagi kana bagi chance tu, mati. We say Alhamdulillah because, like I said, when you sneeze, keluar lah segala kuman dan setan; that's why we say Alhamdulillah.

I am now all ready and dressed up for my cousin's berbedak function, off I go. Later! Assalamualaikum.


Be'ah said...

jirin! i keep forgetting to tune in to aidah's show ah! so i missed u being a guest! daaaamn. menyasal ku eh. what was i doing that nite? oh yes, sushi feast. hehe jirin if u see me online sudnay nite pls tell me to tune in!!

oh the heart factor, i tink banar jua the heart stops kali. and even if it doesnt when we sneeze, there are time when the heart stops and ppl panic and no, u dont die tarus. i tink its called a heart attack? correct me if im wrong.

hehe bah jirin. ur' leaving on the 16th issit? sept i mean. i wanna met up b4 we go off to our hectic skool life. and i didnt go to the beach atu psl aku lupa. pelupa jua aku anie ah. haha

Tina said...

Sneezing just makes you feel like your heart skips a beat, that's why most people believe in the myth. I used to believe in it to. Haha.

(The "heart skipping" feeling, I read somewhere, is just a pressure thing caused by the sneeze.)

Anyway. I saw you once walking your way to The Mall, weeks ago. I was eating at KJ Restaurant masa atu. Malas ku kan menerais, memanggil ko. Haha. Mikin kurus ko, by the way! :D

Jirin said...

Hahaha, that was weeks ago Tina, weeks ago. Like I have said, I've gained back what I've lost. Hahaha.. eh cubatah teriak saja namaku! hehehehe

rabz, yes we will definitely meet up before we leave. so yeah, just msg me if ada plans yeh

Juan Pablo said...

Hahaa.. I tot I saw ur pics arah Jim's blog..hhuhuhh.. cool!! He should pay you for being his model..hahahah

Jirin said...

Nada jua my pic arah his blog? Hahaha model tekarang, model murah adalah, model nda laku model ketulahan hahaa