Tuesday, 28 August 2007


HeLLLo? Kita tu ma? BaRRRu jua kelmaRRRin kita menaleFFFon? KaRRRang mahal bayaRRRannya!

Oh, god. Siapa ingat iklan atu?

Haha! I heard that girl got bullied in school for her thick way of saying any words with R in it. It was so bad she cried for days, she either quit or changed schools! Oh well, that was what I heard. Could be true, or not. We need to give the poor girl a break. Mana tau andang 'R' nya cematu dari ia dalam parut sudah, so jangan tah di ucap. Hehehe! (In case you are wondering, I was passing by someone at the Mall earlier whose R was so thick; that was how I got reminded of the RTB advert.)

How is everyone doing?

As for me, I am doing fine, I am ngalih kan mati saja inda, but I am doing fine! I can just kill for a body massage right now. It is very annoying how I feel so very tired right now yet I can't sleep. It's because of this stupid laptop. This stupid internet connection. Stupid facebook. Stupid MSN. I just can't stop. I can't drag myself to bed. If I was in bed pun, I wouldn't be able to sleep still, because stupid mudderfugging neighbour's dogs are barking like crazy outside.

Rebecca Romijn is way too hot for a woman to play a transsexual on Ugly Betty! I am totally hooked on the show. When is the second season showing? Heroes too! When? When? Katherine McPhee cameoed in the show. That was a good 10 seconds to remind me how hot she is.

Stupid neighbour's dogs are finally not barking anymore. I'm hitting the bed. Oh, shit. I spoke too soon. They're barking crazier than ever!!

Inside joke: Uwaaaaa~~~~


lily said...

nah... she didnt change nor quit school. we were in e same school:) she did cry tho.

Tina said...

Ugly Betty season 2 is out on September 27th!


*points to self* Big fan right here.