Sunday, 8 July 2007

Xoxo Nono

Hey, I was reading Media Permata during my flight back to Brunei and a story actually caught my attention which entitled "15% of teenagers in Indonesia practise premarital sex". Right. If this was a perfect world, where everyone speaks the truth nothing but the truth, I am sure the percentage would lie somewhere inbetween 50% - 60%. Well I am just guessing.

How about Brunei? Dua kali lima. I am not going to make an assumption of how many percent of us Bruneian teenagers practice premarital sex, but it is undeniable that it is actually worrying. Deny it all you want, but it slowly is becoming a culture, an urban culture. Most of us think that this urban culture is the hip and cool trend. Do we all have to be modern? Is it wrong to think conventionally? Definitely not. Kuno; is what these "narrow-minded" and "conventional" thinkers are called. I am not saying that there's anything wrong with being "urban" but one should take religion and culture into consideration.

Take dating for example. Some of you all may not know, but it is actually haram. That depends on one's definition of dating really. What's haram is the private interaction between the male and the female, the contact of skin, the topics they talk about, etc. To me, dating can still be practiced just as long as you know your limits. When you date like how the westerners do it, you are practicing this so called urban culture.

To hug or to give kisses on the cheeks to the opposite sex; is another part of this urban culture. Do you really need to? A simple 'hey' is actually enough. You know it is forbidden in Islam, frowned upon by the elderly. Between males and female, I'm talking about. Hey, I used to do it, everyone does it, so why not, I thought. Naive, I was. Call me kuno, or conventional, be it. I guess this is just a reminder for everyone, especially for me. This actually works for me to keep my word.

You know, when I was in KL; lesbians, gays and transvestites were everywhere. To be practicing gays and lesbians is starting to become socially accepted there. By that, I mean that these gays and lesbians actually dare to walk around and hold hands in public. I am not saying there is none here in Brunei but it is still considered taboo here, let's just hope that it stays that way! Maybe there is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian just as long as you do not act upon it. That means trying to not be gay or lesbian. Call it hypocritical, but you should know that it is actually a healing process. I remember reading a debate on this topic on 'Memoirs of A Poklen' a few weeks before it was closed down, too bad it doesn't exist anymore.


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Jirin said...

thanks Baz =)

Ka Nudge said...

Laiii.. baik jua kau cakap URBAN CULTURE.. aku salah baca pikirku tha URBAN LEGEND.. hahahhaha.. bulih.. tua sudah bah..

Jirin said...

hahaha inda kan tua banar kita ah! hehe

softeyes said...

Urban Culture is the product of modernisation. Some may not realise how seriously damaging this matter really is. Some say, they simply dont want to be a hipocrite( but what they dont realise is they are being hipocrites to their own religion).
but then again, orang muda-muda baru experimenting, trying to find themselves... I ve been there..its a learning process..just hold on tight to your roots. Tabal2 kan yang di dada..this is where your foundation u learn from our parents, elderly and yang di sekulah ugama dulu.

Just be extra careful, theres a monster out there. Its a big, big world and temptations will always be there..

"The real battle is within you, fighting with the devil in us"

To Jirin, all the best..baik2 di negeri orang )

keep posting ya.. sorry jirin, deep sikit..hehe hopeS u dont mind HEHE BRULISH at practice.

Jirin said...

Softeyes, inda apa. my post atu pun deep sedikit, jarang ku buat posts yang deep-deep. but thanks! thanks for the advice. nopes i donts minds the brulish. hehehe