Thursday, 14 June 2007

The thing with me...

I think this is the longest I haven't updated in a long time. Haha, THINK? Dua minggu saya tidak update. Sibuk sih. I am going to board my flight to Brunei tomorrow and will arrive in BRUNEI on Saturday! That's THIS weekend! I WILL BE IN BRUNEI! ISKI!

I don't know if everyone has seen the clips that I have "starred" in, but if by any chance you haven't realised what's under my 'Featured Clips' section, they are those Anakku Harapanku clips; both episodes. Haha.

The thing with me, I am mean.
The thing with me, I am sarcastic.
The thing with me, I exaggerate.

If I was asked to describe myself, those probably are the three things I would have to mention; because I know for a fact that I am those things.

The thing with me, I am mean.
I admit that I may be mean sometimes, but I believe I justify it every time. I may shoot out mean comments, but almost 100% of the time, I never mean them; and I clearly state that I do not mean them. How? By laughing right after making a certain comment; or taking it back just as soon as I say them, or state that the comment is just for joke sake. Which means that I would certainly know when I am being mean, and when I am not.

The thing with me, I am sarcastic.
I am sarcastic. I wouldn't say that I am the most sarcastic person to ever exist in this universe, but I am. That's because I'm a Leo; Leos are sarcastic. Wait. I do not believe all that horoscope shit; perasanku Tuhan nada main calak kalau kan membuat personaliti orang ah, perasan ku lah ah.

Person: Eh sorry Jirin, tumpah Pepsi arah carpet mu...
Me: Ah ok tu eh, tumpahkan lagi sebutul. Jangan jara.

Person: Eh sorry Jirin tadi pacah sebiji cawan oleh ku.
Me: Napa inda kau rubuh dapur atu?

Wait, wait, wait. You would guess eh jahat jua si Jirin ani. But honestly, that's just me. I make sarcastic comments, but of course I don't mean them. Hehe. You will definitely realise that it is meant to be a joke when you see my face. Hehe.

The thing with me I exaggerate
I exaggerate to get a point across; so that I wouldn't have to explain in more detail. Some people get annoyed with me having to exaggerate all the time. When I exaggerate, it's physically not possible bah, so you know it is not that bad. I would say something like; "Mau kan bebisnes biskut, tapi damit-damit wah biskutnya atu, basar lagi tayi idung ku~" Obviously indakan tayi idungku basar macam biskut kan? Atu hebat banar jua tu ah. See that's not my point. My point is that the damn biskut atu luan damit. Masukkan sepuluh biji dalam mulut barutah kan terasa rasanya.

or a typical Bruneian description of a crowded place...

"Ramai banar arah panggilan tadi ah sampai betamu gigi; betamu jubur!"

Haha luan jua tu ah kalau betamu gigi. Cuba kamu imagine kalau ramai banar tah jua tampat atu and betamu tah gigi banar. Hahaha payah tu eh.

I am tired like hell at the moment. Will update when I get the chance to nanti di Brunei. Assalamualaikum.


softeyes said...

Jirin, I couldnt stop laughing reading your posts! Its the craziest ever!

Keep posting! oh and welcum bck :)

softeyes said...

I espcially LOVED the Hersey's( story and ofcourse your daughter's Mila Victory discovery. Melayu brunei-humour yang ku cari-cari..:)

Jirin said...

softeyes, thanks for dropping by. haha nadalah.. inda jua berapa dih hehe